Hero cop attempts suicide as he fails to save his Home Sec lover in Bodyguard

Viewers were stunned to discover Home Secretary Julia Montague died after last week’s bombing.

And in a second shock, they saw her mentally scarred minder put a gun to his temple in his flat and pull the trigger.

But cop David lived — as someone had mysteriously swap-ped his live bullets for blanks.

A BBC1 insider said: “The writer likes viewers kept on the edge of their seats, uncertain what will happen next. Killing off a central character leaves anything possible.

“Fans will be intrigued over what incredible twists are next.”

Last week they saw Julia, played by Keeley Hawes, blown up as she addressed a hall.

David — actor Richard Madden — raced to check if she was still alive.

But the bombshell episode saw medics give her aides the grim news.

The show has hooked seven million viewers — now desperate to learn who planted the bomb.

The finale in two weeks has been extended to 1¼hrs to pack in more action.

Creator Jed Mercurio has form for offing main characters — also killing Line of Duty cop duo Danny Waldron and Tim Ifield.

6 suspects who may have blown up Home Sec

Her minder

DESPITE bedding Julia, he hated her backing for wars that left him physically and mentally scar-red. His ex- Army pal earlier tried to kill her.

MI5 boss

SPY chief resented her premature use of an anti-PM dossier he gave her. Also hated her for blocking spies’ role in probing a train blast bid.

Her aide

SPECIAL advisor was seen with case that held bomb. Did he bear grudge after Julia snubbed him both romantically and professionally?

Terror minister

BITTER after Julia left him out of MI5 talks. Also in line for her job. Was in ca- hoots with her aide Rob and her police foe, Cmdr Sampson.

Met chief

TOLD David that Julia was “dangerous politician who must be stopped”. Was also furious MI5 was given charge of her terror probe.

Chief Whip & her ex

HAS frosty relationship with his former wife. He is also a loyal ally of the Premier and has accused Julia of scheming for the job at No10.


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