Holby City's Rosie Marcel reveals she had a nervous breakdown on set after thinking her family would be 'better off without' her

The 40-year-old actress, who plays doctor Jac Naylor, explained on Lorraine earlier today that her mental health got so bad she believed her family would be "better off" without her.

After discussing her character's latest storyline, host Lorraine Kelly asked: "In real life, you went through a terrible trauma. You had a really bad breakdown didn't you? Why do you think that was?"

Rosie replied: "I think it's a mixture of lots of things. A combination of issues with my family and some tough issues at work, and I've been there for a long time and it's extreme, long hours.

"And as you know there's a lot of working mothers. You find you split yourself so much that you give yourself nothing.

"I had nothing left for myself. Everybody else got a 100 per cent. Everybody comes before me, and I'm ok with that. But as long as I have a moment to myself."

However, she added: "I just became very depressed and was suffering from depersonalisation."

Asked by host Lorraine Kelly if her producers were understanding, Rosie said: "Yes they were.

"It was difficult for them because it literally happened on set. And I went, 'I have to see my doctor, I have to see my doctor' and I left set and I called my doctor straight away and he signed me off instantly.

"I started therapy that week, and I did intensive therapy for about a month before I was ready to come back to work."

Of her decision to get help, Rosie said: "I didn't know who I was, and when you start to think about leaving your family…

"I walked out the house in pyjamas and no shoes and walked to a friend's house three miles away and knocked on her door in the middle of the night.

"When you get to that point you go, 'I need help'. I felt like my family would be better off without me."

It comes just weeks after Rosie revealed a major character is about to be killed off on the show.

She told Inside Soap: "They are going to kill off someone fairly soon actually."

"And that's a main character, so there really is no fear when it comes to doing stuff like that.

Indeed, Rosie even seemed to hint that it could even be her own character facing the chop.

"Who knows what will happen to Jac?" she teased.

Rosie’s character narrowly avoided death last December at the same time that Joe McFadden’s Raf was killed off.

Both characters ended up in the crossfire of a crazed gunman who infiltrated the fictional hospital and started shooting medical staff.

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