Hold Your Huzzahs, Because We Don’t Know if We’re Getting ‘The Great’ Season 3

Season 2 of The Great, Hulu’s wickedly funny series about Catherine the Great’s rise to power in Russia, just dropped on the streaming service. Once you’ve torn your way through the new season like a member of Catherine and Peter’s overindulgent court… what next?? Here’s what we know about The Great Season 3.

As of right now there has been no official announcement from Hulu. The second season was announced two months after the first season premiered, so hope is not lost. There’s still plenty of time. We may see more of Elle Fanning’s deliciously ambitious empress and Nick Hoult’s himbo emperor yet. Just hold tight.

But there’s a complicating factor…

However, not to read waaaaay too much into this like a text from a crush, but season 2 dropped all at once and that’s… kinda suss. Unlike other streaming networks like Netflix, Hulu tends to adopt a weekly release model, especially for their more popular series. (This is not a scientific study. There are a handful of series that go binge mode on Hulu. Do not come at me.) Why are they dumping all ten episodes of this season at once? Do they not expect people to come back every week for a new episode? Are they trying to get rid of the show? I hope not. Season 1 also dropped all at once… but maybe they were surprised at how well it was received? If that’s the case, keep the love coming so we get a season 3. That’s enough paranoia. Don’t mind me—I’ve been burned a lot by shows I love getting canceled, so I tend to look for the worst case scenario.

We’ll also have to wait and see how the show continues to do at awards season. That could be an indicator of its prospects. The Great has already won a Writer’s Guild Award for episodic comedy. It was also nominated for two Screen Actors Guild awards, three Golden Globe awards, a Critics Choice Television award, and two Primetime Emmy awards. If the second season draws as much attention as the first, I bet we’ll see the show come back.

Finally, spoiler alert, but while there isn’t exactly a cliffhanger at the end of season 2 there is a heck of a lot of drama. Don’t you want to see if Peter and/or Catherine manage to kill each other? It hasn’t happened yet, but I sure to want to see those crazy kids keep trying.

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