Holly Willoughby makes a surprising confession to Philip Schofield live on This Morning

Holly Willoughby had a slightly uneasy start to This Morning on Monday. As the show got underway, the mum-of-three confessed she wasn’t sure whether she had remembered to put her mobile phone on silent ahead of the live recording. “But it’s ok because it does sing Bippity Boppity Boo to you when it rings, which is quite a nice song, I think!” Co-host Phillip Schofield later joked that her husband Dan Baldwin might now intentionally call to interrupt their feed. “Oh, he won’t be watching this!” the 39-year-old joked in response.

WATCH: Holly Willoughby makes surprising confession on This Morning

Holly and Phillip, 58, are known for the incredible friendship – both on screen and off. The duo frequently finds themselves in fits of laughter during the live show, much to the delight of their viewers. Just recently, Phillip scolded his colleague after she accidentally broke the social distancing riles on This Morning. During a science experiment in the studio, the mum-of-three excitedly rushed over to help her on-screen partner and leaned in closely. “No, no, don’t get so close. Get back!” quipped Phillip. “Get back in your own area.” Realising her mistake, Holly retorted: “Two metres, two metres!”

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WATCH: Hilarious moment Holly Willoughby is pranked on This Morning

And just a few weeks ago, Holly was the subject of a hilarious prank on the show. Bradley Walsh and his son Barney called into This Morning for a phone-in segment, pretending to have a rather bizarre home-schooling problem, and fooling Holly in the process. The funny phone call saw Holly and co-host Phillip holding back giggles and looking confused before all was finally revealed.

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