Holly Willoughby says youngest son Chester, 6, sleeps with a crystal otherwise he has nightmares

HOLLY Willoughby said her youngest son Chester, six, sleeps with a crystal otherwise he has nightmares.

The This Morning presenter, 39, said she keeps a piece of green fluorite beside her youngest's bed to stave off the bad dreams on Tuesday's episode.

Speaking to Phillip Schofield as they discussed healing crystals with an expert, Holly admitted there was "no science" behind it but it seemed to work.

The expert advised: "I put them under the pillow, I like to hold them like worry stones, that feeling the texture of them.

"Put them by the bedside so they are aligned with that energy centre in the crown chakra or put them under the pillow."

Phillip joked in response: "My god, if I did fall asleep and moved around and I had that amethyst underneath my pillow, it'd rip my face off!"

Holly then admitted: "Chester sleeps with a bit of green fluorite and the last four nights it's disappeared down the back of his bed and he's had nightmares the last four nights.

"So I pulled the bed out and got it, last night he slept through fine.

"I know there's no science to this but that is something you go, well, if that helps, it helps."

Holly shares three children with her husband Daniel Baldwin: Harry, 11, Belle, nine and Chester, six.

The presenter admitted yesterday to struggling with homeschooling her three kids while working.

The mum-of-three said she's "giving up" on enforcing her strict rules about how long Belle, Chester and Harry can spend in front of a screen.

During a phone-in about home-schooling, Holly asked the expert: "Can I ask a question on behalf of a working mum and parent of three who is struggling…?

"My big fear is that we've all worked really hard not to put our kids in front of screens.

"Now here I am with three children spending online learning in front of a screen, then when they finish they want to talk to their friends, again on a screen, then they might want to play and that's on a screen.

"I'm suddenly like, am I just throwing all this out the window and give up holding back the time of screen time."

The 39-year-old admitted last Friday she planned on sleeping through the whole weekend after a draining week of homeschooling.

She had sparked concern after she missed the first two episodes of the ITV show of the year, with co-host Phillip Schofield revealing that it was due to "childcare issues".

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