Hollyoaks fans convinced Tony’s wife Diane will secretly sleep with his dad Edward as he’s held captive – The Sun

HOLLYOAKS fans are convinced that Tony’s wife Diane will secretly sleep with his dad Edward while he’s held captive.

Tony, played by Nick Pickard, was kidnapped at the end of the summer by Breda and continues to be kept on the pig farm, despite briefly escaping during stunt week.

His dad, who turned up in the village just before Harry’s funeral, has been supporting Diane (Alex Fletcher) as she struggles with Tony being missing.

Edward, played by Joe McGann, has been helping her around the house and the pair have grown close in recent weeks.

And they look set to become even friendlier as Edward has landed a job as a surgeon at the hospital, which means he will be hanging around.

Those watching at home have noticed a potential spark between the pair and have been discussing it online.

One person wrote:  “Tony needs to stay captive a bit longer so his horrible wife Diane will develop feelings for his dad and will end up sleeping with him. Then Tony escapes from Breda to walk in on Diane and his dad going at it.”

Another added: “I actually do think Diane & Edward will get it on :lol”

While someone else remarked:  “Oh I'd bet my paycheck that is where this story is heading. Probably with Diane pregnant by Tony's dad.”

It is not yet known when Tony will finally manage to escape Breda’s clutches but last month viewers were furious when he got away – only to be recaptured.

He was on his way back to the village in the back of Breda's car , but in dramatic scenes she crashed into the crane and was carted off to hospital.

Desperate, Tony continued to get someone’s attention while trapped in the car but amid the chaos of the crane collapse no one heard him.

Breda meanwhile decided to discharge herself from hospital and made her way back to the car and drove Tony back to the pig farm once again.

Alex, who plays Diane, recently teased that she will be reunited with Tony again but that things will be different.

She said: “He's been my on-screen partner for so many years now. Nick is one of my best friends and he's so good to have on set. We have genuinely missed each other.

"But now having that dynamic of Edward in the mix now is really interesting. Joe McGann is absolutely brilliant too. It's like he's always been here. It's been great and there's some really good stuff coming up with him.

"If Diane does see Tony again, I think it'd be rocky – but she'd always love him."

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