Hollyoaks star Duayne Boachie reveals what's next for Zack after shocking death drama

Warning: This article contains spoilers from Tuesday’s E4 first look episode, which some readers may prefer to avoid.

Hollyoaks teen Zack Loveday narrowly escaped death in Tuesday’s dramatic E4 episode – but poor old Adam Donovan wasn’t so lucky.

The show’s latest tense scenes saw Glenn put his son under strict instructions to kill Zack out in the woods, but Adam defied his father’s wishes by sneakily letting their target go.

Shortly afterwards, Zack was horrified to hear a gunshot from nearby, as Glenn took a horrifying revenge against Adam by taking him out of the picture forever. And unlike Sienna and Nico, there doesn’t seem to be much hope of Adam returning from the dead!

Digital Spy recently caught up with Duayne Boachie, who plays Zack, to hear what’s next for his character now that he’s witnessed a murder.

How did you feel when you found out that you’d be part of the big Donovan story?

“I felt excited, because Zack’s been quiet for a while. To get into something nice and meaty like this was brilliant and really exciting. It’s always scary for anyone that crosses Glenn, but at the same time, you know you’re going to get a good story with it.”

Were you shocked by the big twist of Adam’s death?

“I promise you, I was so shocked. When I saw that, I was like: ‘Wow, this is exciting.’ It’s a nice little twist. One minute you’re thinking that Zack is going to die, then all of a sudden, he’s witness to a dad killing his own son.”

Will Zack be even more intimidated by Glenn now?

“Definitely. After seeing that, he knows how cold Glenn is. If Glenn can kill his own son, nobody’s safe in that village. Zack’s certainly not safe. It’s so nuts.”

Does Zack realise exactly what’s happened?

“He definitely figures it out. He can put two and two together straight away. But where the complication lies is that Zack has to decide whether or not to say anything. He’s got this big secret and he knows who murdered Adam, but does he say anything to the police? Zack is very conflicted, with this secret burning in him.”

Does Glenn put a lot of pressure on Zack to keep quiet?

“Zack is so silly, because he tells Glenn that he knows what happened. So Glenn says: ‘Okay, so now you know, you’ve got to keep your mouth shut’. So Zack’s like: ‘Yeah, fine. I’ll keep my mouth shut’.

“But now that the communication is there, Zack ends up doing little errands for Glenn whenever Glenn needs him. Now that Zack knows what he’s capable of, all Glenn needs to say is ‘your mum’ or ‘Holly’ or anyone close to him. Glenn’s attitude is: ‘You know what I can do. So that person’s life can be in danger if you don’t play ball.’

“Zack’s seen first-hand what Glenn is capable of. So Zack doesn’t even want to play games. He’s basically Glenn’s little errand-runner.”

Has this been interesting for you to explore?

“It’s interesting to explore what it does to his mental state, definitely. Zack has never been involved in something so conflicting in terms of his morals. He’s such a good, innocent soul. So this is major for him.”

Will Zack confide in anyone?

“It’s so major that Zack doesn’t know who to actually speak to. He’s a mummy’s boy, so if he was going to confide in anyone, I think he’d go to his mum. Maybe if he had Holly in a situation where they could speak about it, he might speak to Holly, too. Or maybe Harry, because Harry is his best friend. So maybe Holly, Harry or mummy!”

Would you like Zack and Harry’s friendship to be revisited again?

“Definitely, man. I would definitely love more scenes with Harry. That’s my guy. It’d be nice to see Zack and Harry have more scenes together, to keep that friendship alive, and to show the viewers what that friendship is actually about. Because they’ve been friends from the beginning, even though they’ve had a few rocky stages.”

Are you and Parry Glasspool (Harry) still housemates in real life?

“Yeah, of course, so I see him all the time, but it’s cool to see him at work as well. And to be fair, it’s weird, because as much as we chill together at home, there are some days we don’t even talk to each other. He’ll be doing his own stuff at home, and I’ll doing my own stuff in my room. We’re not always just sitting and chatting, so it’s good to work with him at work as well.”

What’s next for Zack and Holly?

“Zack has got mad feelings for Holly. He actually loves her, but she’s with Damon and it’s difficult for him. Zack is such a good guy, so he doesn’t want to jeopardise her happiness. As long as Holly is happy, that’s all he wants. He just wishes that he could be happy with her.

“It would be nice for Zack to end up with Holly, but I don’t know what’s going to happen with that. I would love for Zack to maybe get into another romance – something where it’s more of a mutual ground. It would be something where he finds someone who loves him just as much as he loves them. That would be really nice. I think he deserves a little bit of happiness in that department, because he’s been very unlucky with the ladies.”

Would you like Zack to be the one to bring down Glenn?

“Yes, definitely. Somebody needs to! I’d love for Zack to do it. Glenn has been threatening everyone he’s close to. He’s a cold-blooded murderer. So I’d love for Zack to be the hero.”

Have you been in touch with Rachel Adedeji (Lisa Loveday) since she went on maternity leave?

“Yeah, she’s like my sister for real. She’s got a gorgeous little baby, Lillian. I was last with her about three days ago. I just went to her house to see the baby. I think she’s coming back in June, so it’ll be nice to do some brother/sister stuff with her. It’s been a while.”

Should Louis and Simone get back together?

“I think Zack would love for them to get back together. That’s what Zack has been chasing since he’s been in the village – that Louis/Simone relationship, that happy family. That’s what Zack has grown up on, so that’s what he’s looking for himself.

“But Louis has done so much wrong. Simone deserves someone that’s not going to treat her the way Louis has treated her. But at the same time, I know that Louis loves her genuinely.”

We also loved seeing Simone and Shane together…

“That was funny. It brought out a different energy in Simone that we don’t usually see. So that was really funny as well. And Michael Salami, who played Shane, is a really funny guy.”

Do you think it’d be good to bring Shane back?

“Of course. Why not? That relationship works, so it’d be good to see what he brings.”

He could help Zack take Glenn down…

“Yeah, something like that. Let’s do it! Glenn needs to get what’s coming to him. Honestly. He’s a dark character. But Bob who plays him is an amazing guy, so it’s cool!”

Hollyoaks airs weeknights at 6.30pm on Channel 4, with first look screenings at 7pm on E4.

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