Home and Away Dean’s murder confession, Colby’s fate sealed and affair twist

Home and Away is set to be full of drama as Dean will be making a shocking confession to his girlfriend Ziggy, breaking her heart in the process.

Fans know that he is an accomplice of Colby's murder of Ross and he has been hiding from his suspicious girlfriend for a long time, but the truth is set to finally come out.

The trailer shows the moment where Dean comes clean about his awful crime, but will it spark the end of his relationship with Ziggy?

They have already been pushed to the brink by the news that he has a secret son with his ex Amber, who is also still in love with him.

When Dean finds out that Colby is still having an affair with Angelo's wife Taylor, he decides he needs to get Ziggy out of the messy situation.

In devastating scenes, he finally comes clean about Colby killing Ross and his own role in the cover-up.

The trailer shows Dean revealing he couldn't face losing Ziggy as she begins to cry, horrified by the sickening discovery.

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But can she forgive him or could she end up turning him into the police?

Meanwhile, Colby treads on dangerous ground as he continues with fling with Taylor, the wife of the detective investigating Ross' murder.

Keen to make sure he stays ahead of the game by sleeping with Taylor to get any new information, the secret killer could be about to make a deadly mistake.

Taylor is completely unaware of his sinister plan, but could she soon catch on and turn him into her husband?

Later, in a shocking twist, Colby realises that his feelings for Taylor have become genuine despite his ulterior motives.

Taylor is won over by his candid confession as her own marriage to Angelo crumbles.

However, their betrayal could soon be discovered by her husband as a suspicious Bella follows Colby and Taylor, and ends up taking photos of them kissing on the beach.

Could Colby be about to make a fatal error?

The trailer shows Angelo telling Bella that he knows she and Colby are hiding something, and he is going to make sure he finds out what it is.

Will he succeed?

Home and Away continues tomorrow at 2.15pm on Channel 5.

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