How is Dotty going to expose Ian Beale in EastEnders? Latest fan theories

EASTENDERS’ final show this week ended with a huge twist as Ian Beale bought The Queen Vic for Sharon Mitchell – and not Phil.

But with Dotty Cotton having vowed to expose Ian’s killer secret in the final episode after he got her arrested for drug dealing, fans are predicting heartbreak for Sharon when she finds out the truth. So how might Dotty expose Ian when the soap returns? Here are the latest fan theories and rumours…

How might Dotty expose Ian Beale in EastEnders?

Spill the beans straight away  

Ian might think he’s had the last laugh in his battle with Dotty after setting her up for arrest, but surely he’s only fuelled her fire to expose him as a killer?

Might Dotty not be able to wait any longer and spill the beans when she learns that Ian has bought the Vic for Sharon?

One shocked fan said: “I thought Ian has a little bit of a brain? Clearly not he's got dotty arrested doesn't he realise that just gives her ammunition just to tell Sharon now.”

Another added: “YES! So pleased Sharons behind the bar again! Tbh I wasn’t expecting Ian to help out! I take it Ians bought it right for Sharon? Wait till Dotty tells Sharon about Denny. Shit will hit the fan! #EastEnders.”

Work with Phil to bring down Ian

Given that Phil will be searching for ways to bring Ian down after he swooped in and stole the pub, might Dotty tell him Ian’s killer secret?

Phil and Dotty could then work together to plan a grisly downfall for Ian.

After blackmailing Ian for the Vic

Fans know that Dotty wasted little time in naming her price for keeping quiet after discovering Ian’s killer secret – insisting she wanted him to get her the Arches. 

Might Dotty turn her attention to Ian’s latest purchase and demand the keys to the pub before revealing his dark secret?

Bide her time

EastEnders fans know that Dotty has been taking great pleasure in threatening to expose Ian over the past few months.

Might she continue to make him sweat while she plans a huge reveal?

Fans are convinced she’ll bide her time and announce the truth in a classic Christmas bombshell episode.

One fan tweeted: “Okay so Ian and Sharon will happily run the pub and then around Xmas/New Years, Dotty will finally tell the truth and shit will hit the fan and then Sharon will wipe her hands of Ian, he’ll move out and Phil will move back in.”

Another added: “We're gearing up for a proper eastenders christmas with the ian/dennis reveal and the inevitable paternity reveal for phil/kayden all while sharon's behind the bar in the vic. someone get the turkey sandwiches ready.”

Announce it to the whole pub

Might EastEnders viewers be in for another Sharongate style announcement exposing Ian’s killer secret?

Ian might have deleted the voicemail incriminating him for Dennis’s death, but it’s possible that Dotty could recover it or find a saved version and play it out loud for the whole pub to hear.

One fan tweeted: “Why Is Ian Cosying up to Sharon, Dotty must have a recording saved somewhere.”

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