Hunky actor Aidan Turner has been causing headaches on set after turning up late for filming series four

But the hunk, who plays the title character, caused headaches on set after turning up late during filming for series four.

Sources close to the BBC1 production, which has just begun shooting its final fifth series, said: “Aidan’s late­ness was definitely something that annoyed the crew on the shoot for the previous series. He’d turn up late then blame fellow members.

“On one occasion, the team had decided they would wrap early as a treat for everyone towards the end of the shoot. But Aidan turned up 45 ­minutes late, which meant they couldn’t get all the filming done in time. He blamed his make-up artist and said she was the one who was late.”

The actor’s timekeeping hasn’t been the only thing giving bosses a headache.

A pay row erupted in May after Eleanor Tomlinson, who plays his on- screen wife Demelza, realised she might not be getting the same pay as him.

Asked if she thought she was on the same salary, she said: “My guess is no. And while at the beginning that might have been OK — he was a bigger star than me — now I don’t think so.  We’re equal leads of the show, so I’d be pretty upset if the gap hadn’t closed.”

Bosses at Poldark producer Mammoth Screen confirmed Aidan was being paid more than Eleanor because of “significantly more screen time”.

When approached about his lateness, a spokesman for the firm said: “We are very happy with Aidan’s timekeeping.”

That doesn’t mean everyone else is.

New Simpsons gal is powered

SHE’s the star of Wonder Woman but even Gal Gadot doesn’t get a free pass to stardom on The Simpsons.

The Hollywood actress made her debut on the show on Sunday as she played herself and was put through her paces auditioning for the role of Lisa.
Emily Deschanel also guest-starred in the episode as herself for the part of Marge.

Bart’s Not Dead, a Christian movie about Bart’s brush with death, kicked off The Simpsons season 30 with a story about Bart jumping off a dam for a dare and landing on a ledge instead of in the water.

Seems like Gal’s Wonder Woman powers have brushed off on Bart already.

Bargain couple

RICHARD Madeley and Judy Finnigan have revealed the only reason they were booked for This Morning was because they cost naff all. The husband and wife duo launched the show, which celebrates 30 years this week, in 1988 and presented it up until 2001.

Richard said: “The boss at the time glanced at me and Judy and said, ‘What about Richard and Judy?’ and someone said, ‘No they’re too local, too regional.’ And he actually said, ‘Yeah, but they’ll be cheap.’”

The pair appear on This Morning – 30 Unforgettable Years, tonight on ITV at 7.30pm, alongside current hosts Holly Willoughby, Phillip Schofield, Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford.

Judy added: “When we went on air in October, the rumour going round Granada was it would be off air by Christmas.”

They definitely proved their doubters wrong.


GORDON Ramsay has revealed Fred Sirieix tints his eyelashes and Gino D'Acampo could not stop cuddling him as they all slept in a camper van filming new ITV show, Gordon, Gino And Fred: Road Trip, which starts on October 11.

Parkers' pot shot

VIEWERS know them as the happy-go-lucky posh couple who were constantly sinking booze on Gogglebox. But they are going to see a much more serious side of Steph and Dom Parker.

The duo will front a Channel 4 documentary called Can Cannabis Save Our Son?, where they’ll look at how the drug can help their son, Max, 18, who has epilepsy and autism. The family, including daughter Honor, are seen above in my exclusive photo.

Steph and Dom hope medical marijuana will control Max’s conditions but, like many families in Britain, they are denied the treatment.

In the show they travel across the UK and the US meeting families who have been prescribed the oil, and asking whether it really is the cure some claim it to be. It’s sure to stoke the debate on the issue.

Billy Caldwell, an autistic boy whose medicinal oil was confiscated earlier this year when his family returned from Canada, was allowed to use it after Home Secretary Sajid Javid intervened. I hope Steph and Dom get the best outcome for Max.


MOIRA tells Debbie and Charity in Emmerdale that Cain has been arrested in France, and David asks a homeless Maya to come and live with him.

Joe also realises Graham is getting close to the truth about Debbie’s forged signature.

In Eastenders, Ray’s efforts to win over Mel fall flat after he gets Hunter drunk and new evidence about the shooting prompts Linda to doubt Mick’s innocence.

Meanwhile, Sharon distances herself from Keanu, claiming she is too old for him, and Bernadette makes the mistake of meddling in Tiffany and Jagger’s relationship. All she gets for her efforts is a warning.

must watch

WHAT? First Dates Hotel, Channel 4, 9.15pm.
WHY? A mummy’s boy kicks off the search for love at the First Dates Med hotel and has dinner with a receptionist, who is looking for a man to take home to her family.

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