‘I don’t like that word!’ James Martin hits out at co-star over ‘poison’ remark

James Martin gets guest to try ‘reindeer moss’

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James Martin whipped up some festive dishes this weekend on ITV’s James Martin’s Saturday Morning. The TV chef was experimenting with Christmas cooking as he celebrated the holiday season. He chatted to expert forager Alysia Vasey about some edible greenery that offered up a festive flavour. However, he hit back at her when she urged the chef to trust her knowledge.

James welcomed Alysia onto the show to talk about what specially foraged ingredients can be used at Christmas.

She introduced the TV chef to reindeer moss and encouraged him to use it in one of his dishes.

While James was preparing a dish for fellow chef Galton Blackiston, Alysia pushed him to taste some of the moss.

She enthused: “Seriously, just take a bit of that reindeer moss on its own.

“Just try it with a bit of salt and pepper, tell me I’m wrong,” she added.

“So, salt and pepper,” James said, as he seasoned the moss.

“I’m just going to pass it to Galton first and then I’m gonna wait 10 minutes to make sure it’s alright to eat,” the chef joked.

Galton instantly burst out laughing over James’ cheeky suggestion.

Alysia exclaimed: “Listen, listen, I haven’t poisoned you yet. You’re still up and running.”

However, James quickly hit back: “Yes, the word ‘yet’. You always say that.

“Every time I meet you ‘I haven’t poisoned you yet’. I don’t really like that word ‘yet’. You know,” he said.

“Yes, but I like to keep you on your toes,” Alysia teased.

James replied: “Alicia you’re a star you know you are.”

He offered Galton a taste of the unusual ingredient, saying: “What do you reckon of that? It’s tasty isn’t it?”

“It is, it is!” Galton agreed.

“It’s really unusual, but it’s really tasty,” James added.

Alysia remarked: “Do you see that? Do you see the surprise in his face?

“You know when you go on the telly tight and you’re supposed to like it, but actually you can tell that he does,” she said.

“I honestly think that’s alright in moderation,” Galton commented.

James Martin’s Saturday Morning airs Saturdays at 9:30am.

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