I'm A Celeb: Shane Richie once 'slept rough on a bench for 2 weeks'

I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! star Shane Richie has revealed that he once slept rough on a bench for two weeks after a job fell through.

The actor explained how as a teenager he had been promised a job at a nightclub in Plymouth, but when it failed to happen, he was forced to sleep on the streets.

‘I was too proud to ask my parents or anyone else for help,’ Shane explained.

‘I had my jeans, a shirt and a jumper and an old parka-jacket and I stayed for a couple of weeks on this bench under a tree. During the day I’d beg at the railway station although I never got very far.’

‘I’d ask for five pence for a cup of tea but I’d always do it with a smile on my face and the combination of that and my London accent meant people thought I was always taking the mick,’ he added in his book Rags to Richie, The Sun reports.

After getting help from a friend, Richie went on to star in EastEnders and West End shows.

On Sunday night’s instalment, the soap star opened up to his campmates about how he was ‘bankrupt’ before he was cast as Alfie Moon in EastEnders in 2008.

The actor had invested in a film and when the venture went pear-shaped he was left with nothing and had to put his house up for sale.

Shane also explained that he had lost £700,000.

Speaking to campmate Victoria Derbyshire, Shane explained how his role as Alfie Moon saved him.

‘I’m bankrupt because of this film I’d invested in, I’ve got nothing, I’m selling the house, no work,’ he began.

‘The phone goes and it’s my manager and he goes EastEnders want you. I started getting teary and he told me about this character called Alfie Moon and in my first episode I’d be coming in and taking over the Queen Vic, I started crying.’

Alfie, along with Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) became one of the most iconic couples on EastEnders when they ran the Queen Vic together.

The TV star also shared a moving story about how a runner he had helped in the 80s turned out to be a director on EastEnders.

I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! returns tonight at 9pm on ITV.

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