Im A Celebrity 2021 full line-up confirmed as cast gear up for Gwrych Castle

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The I'm a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! has now officially been confirmed by ITV bosses, and viewers are in for a treat this year with soap stars and TV personalities galore.

The 2021 series will kick off on Saturday and will take place in Wales, at Gwrych Castle, for the second year running due to Covid restrictions.

It comes after a run of speculation as to who the official line-up would be comprised of, from soap stars to sports personalities.

To find out the full line-up for this year's series of I'm A Celeb, keep reading below.

Richard Madeley

One half of the Richard and Judy duo, and a Good Morning Britain presenter, Richard Madeley will surely be one of the fan favourites heading into the castle this year.

The star has admitted his greatest fear is heights – though he isn't much affected by animals like rats after growing up on his grandparents' farm in Shropshire.

He said ahead of his castle stint: "I really hope I do get voted for the Trials. The thing about this programme is you mustn’t go into it if you take yourself remotely seriously.

"I don’t and I am thoroughly looking forward to being covered in god knows what! You have to be prepared for people to laugh and I see this as a bl**dy great romp of fun!"

Louise Minchin

Former BBC Breakfast host Louise Minchin has a lot more time on her hands now that she doesn't have to set her alarm for so early in the morning – so she's heading into the castle.

But to get her own back on her former co-star Dan Walker for not telling her about his Strictly Come Dancing stint, Louise kept quiet about her plans.

She giggled: "I didn’t tell Dan Walker I was doing I’m A Celebrity before coming to Wales but I don’t think he will be surprised!

"He knows me well and I think he will be both excited and nervous for me. I have been voting for him on Strictly so fingers crossed he will vote for me a lot."

Matty Lee

After watching Matty Lee win gold in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics with Tom Daley in the 10 metres synchronised diving he will now be watched by viewers facing the challenges in the jungle.

Matty has had quite the year and has admitted taking part in his favourite TV show is the "cherry on the cake".

"My two childhood dreams were to win an Olympic medal and take part in my favourite TV series. And now I am doing both this year!"

Heights shouldn't be an issue for the diver but he admitted he hasn't been able to prepare like he did for the Olympics.

“I trained for the Olympics and knew what to expect.

“I am really looking forward to the Trials and also, to be around different people will be fun too.

"I amused to just being around athletes. I think I will definitely freak out at rats and I know I will scream."

Snoochie Shy

Radio 1Xtra DJ Snoochie Shy is following in last years runner-up shoes, Jordan North by taking part in the Castle this years.

The DJ has said she is going to be out of her comfort zone as she describes herself as a "scaredy cat."

“I am actually quite a shy person when I am outside my comfort zone.”

I might be quiteshy in the first couple of days but I also willdefinitely be a team player. I want to showeveryone how to twerk too!”

Snoochie admitted she is worried about her birthmark on her cheek being exposed while in the Castle.

“I am a little bit nervous about it.”

“People other than my family don’t know I have a birthmark on the right side of my cheek and so it will be the first time I am letting people know I have one.

"It has been an insecurity of mine in the past but I am also excited to face up to it.”

Danny Miller

Emmerdale fans will recognise actor Danny Miller as having played Aaron Dingle in the Dales since 2008.

Having just welcomed his first child with fiancée Steph, Danny had some reservations about taking part.

He said: "Steph and I had a long discussion about me taking part in I’m A Celebrity. We were due to start IVF earlier this year and that would have meant the baby would have been due next March, so it wouldn’t have mattered.

"But then a miracle happened and Steph fell pregnant (without IVF). I knew my baby would only be about a month old when I went into the Castle.

"I was worried about leaving the baby with Steph on her own but she is a midwife and I know our baby will be in perfect hands. She has been incredibly supportive and she knows what a great opportunity this is to take part – so I said yes!"

Frankie Bridge

Pop singer and presenter Frankie Bridge has admitted I'm A Celebrity would be terrifying but is determined to conquer her fears.

The Saturday's singer has many phobia's including hating spiders and being a fussy eater.

“I’m scared of rats, I am a fussy eater and I have a bit of a phobia of ketchup, so a pint of penis terrifies me!

"Any of the eating challenges will be my idea of hell.

"I also hate spiders in my own home, being trapped in small spaces is a big thing for me."

Frankie's husband Wayne has competed in the jungle before and can't wait to watch her "squirm and scream!," on this series.

Arlene Phillips

Strictly Come Dancing judge Arlene Phillips is also looking forward to her stint in the castle

But the iconic choreographer insists at least one thing won't bother her in Wales – the lack of food.

"People going on I'm A Celebrity are making a choice to eat rice and beans. And if they are lucky, they will eat a little bit more.

"Food is the least of my worries. I am not afraid of being bored either, as I do like to sit and think. It is the Trials and challenges that I am most worried about."

She also says she's planning an impromptu ballroom competition, but insists it's "not about technique".

She said: "It will be about the joy of movement and hopefully someone in the camp can sing."

Naughty Boy

Music producer Naughty Boy is also set to make waves in the castle – though he readily admits he doesn't think of himself as a celebrity.

But having worked with the likes of Leona Lewis, Cheryl and Alesha Dixon, many people would disagree.

He said ahead of his stint: "I am excited about going on I'm A Celebrity now. I want people to know the real me.

"I am not a celebrity at all. My music is the celebrity and now is the chance for me to show people what I am really like."

Kadeena Cox

Paralympic gold medallist Kadeena Cox MBE is also heading for Wales this month.

But she says she's constantly defending her title – and her I'm A Celeb experience will be no different.

She explained: "As a Paralympian, you are always trying to get that one per cent extra all the time and defending my title earlier this year in Tokyo was the hardest thing I have ever had to do but I think going into the Castle is going to be far harder mentally.

"I am scared of spiders, I don’t like rats, I don’t like snakes, and I don’t like heights. But I am hoping the athlete in me will want to do it for the team and just get through that tough moment. I will scream afterwards!"

David Ginola

Football legend David Ginola, who has played for Newcastle United, Paris Saint-Germain and Aston Villa will also be joining this year's line-up.

Although he refuses to let slip his biggest phobias until he's safely inside the castle.

And he's already great pals with hosts Ant and Dec.

He said: "I know the Geordies! I’ve met Ant and Dec before and I know they are big massive fans of Newcastle United.

"When you play for the club (like I did), all of the fans are amazing and very faithful. Newcastle is very lucky to have fans like them!"

He added: "It is starting to sink in now that I am doing I’m A Celebrity. When I got offered the chance to do the programme, I thought ‘why not’.

"It’s going to be a great experience and it’s the chance to spend three weeks in the Castle doing things you have never done in your life."

I'm A Celebrity will kick off on November 21 on ITV.

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