I'm A Celebrity 2021 – Toughest series EVER promised as line-up stars Frankie Bridge & Richard Madely face trial hell

I'M A CELEBRITY campmates will face more trials than ever before and the trials will be made much harder.

The shows bosses have revealed that there will be as many as 24 trials this year, and campmates will spend the longest time in the castle yet.

Stars hoping to avoid the trials will not be best pleased to hear that most of the gruesome challenges will require more than one celeb to take them on.

Executive producer, Olly Nash has said that the show will be 'much tougher' as stars will be in their 'for longer'.

He said “We have 24 trials this year, I think normally it is closer to 20 in a full series, it is the most ever and absolutely the most celebrities taking part.”

Read our I'm A Celeb live blog below for the latest news and gossip…

  • Louis Allwood

    Who is Danny Miller?

    Danny Miller is an English actor who is known for playing Aaron Dingle in Emmerdale, for which he has won three British Soap Awards for Best Actor.

    Danny made his television debut when he played Kyle Brown in the BBC kids show Grange Hill.

    In April 2014 the actor played William in the BBC production of Jamaica Inn.

  • Louis Allwood

    Danny Miller hits back

    Danny Miller has hit out at those that have criticised him for heading into the castle weeks after his son was born.

    The star welcomed his son Albert into the world last month.

    Danny responded to all the comments on the most recent episode of the Act On This podcast.

    He said: "[Some] people think it's out of order, but there's people who work for a less wage who have to go away and provide for their family who work in the Army, who don't get contact and don't get to see them for six months.

    "This is three weeks of my life and Albert isn't really going to remember me being there or not.

    "Steph is doing amazing with breastfeeding, she's an amazing mum. It gave me even more confidence to want to go to the Castle and provide for the family.

    "Alright, I'm not going to have that three weeks, but I'll spend the rest of his life making that up to him. It'll give me money to be able to do things with him that I wouldn't have been able to do five or six years ago.

    "So, to sacrifice three weeks for Steph and the baby is almost an easy decision to make because I know Steph has got Albert's back, he's in the best hands."

  • Louis Allwood

    Kiosk Cledwyn tipped to return

    We all remember the grumpy shopkeeper, Kiosk Cledwyn who appeared in last years I'm a celebrity.

    He would be the man to reward celebs with treats if they successfully answered a correct question following the completion of a task.

    On Thursday, December 3, hosts Ant and Dec revealed it would be his final appearance on the show.

    However, In the new I'm A Celebrity teaser, the narrator says: "Two heroes brave the elements to ready the camp."

    Dec then says: "It’s a bit chilly," to which Ant replies: "I can’t imagine anything colder."

    Dec addresses his grumpy co-star at this point, and says: "A frosty reception at Cledwyn’s?" with Ant responding: "I’d still rather take my chances out here."

  • Louis Allwood

    Snoochie Shy twerks and works out

    Snoochie Shy, who is set to enter the castle, twerked and exercised in front of confused onlookers in her isolation cottage.

    In a video shared on her Instagram feed, the radio DJ screams: "Guys, I'm going into the castle!!!"

    The radio host then hits the ground rolling, high kicks the air, and shuffles along the garden path as she shows off her "survival skills" ahead of entering Gwrych castle.

    She says in the hilarious clip: "Super super gassed to be going into the castle, I've been watching this show since I got flung out of mum's vagina basically. Without it I wouldn't be going into the castle.

    "How have I got ready for the castle you ask me? Some serious training and some serious survival techniques."

  • Louis Allwood

    Who is the football star entering the castle?

    Football star, David Ginola, 54, is a retired player who has played for Tottenham Hotspur, Newcastle United and PSG.

    He also played in 17 national games for France, the country where his career took off when he first played for Toulon before coming to England in 1995.

    Within a couple of years he managed to acheive some personal victories, winning both Footballer and Players' Player of the Year for the 1998-99 season.

    After a playing career spanning nearly 20 years, Ginola took the decision to retire in 2002.

    Since retiring from football, Ginola has gone into punditry, working for Talksport, Sky Sports and the BBC.

  • Louis Allwood

    Where will the camp mates be sleeping this year?

    Campmates will have to battle it out to get their heads on the comfier beds this year.

    Those who lose the entry challenge will beslung into The Clink – an outdoor yard at Gwrych Castle imprisoned by a huge wall topped with spikes.

    All they will have is sleeping bags to keep warm as they sleep on the floor of a stable.

    The space – new for this year – is largely uncovered, open to the elements and will be freezing as night falls.

  • Milica Cosic

    When is I'm A Celebrity on TV?

    Fans, there's REALLY not long left… so make sure you've stacked up on the snacks and booze!

    The show kicks off on Sunday (November 21, 2021) at 9pm on ITV.

    It will then continue every day at the same time.

    You can also watch episodes that have already aired on the ITV Hub.

  • Milica Cosic

    Who is Kiosk Cledwyn?

    Kiosk Cledwyn was the grumpy shopkeeper who first appeared on I'm A Celebrity 2020.

    When celebs were rewarded with treats from the Kiosk for completing challenges, stern-faced Cledwyn only let them have the items if their camp members answered a question right.

    On Thursday, December 3, hosts Ant and Dec revealed it would be his final appearance on the show.

    However, In the new I'm A Celebrity teaser, the narrator says: "Two heroes brave the elements to ready the camp."

    Dec then says: "It’s a bit chilly," to which Ant replies: "I can’t imagine anything colder."

    Dec addresses his grumpy co-star at this point, and says: "A frosty reception at Cledwyn’s?" with Ant responding: "I’d still rather take my chances out here."

    As it begins to pour with rain, Dec questions: "Maybe one night in his kiosk?"

    Ant and Dec then agree there is room for both of them, and they race off to the famous hut.

  • Milica Cosic

    Raking it in

    The celebs agree a pay package before they enter the camp.

    Unlike Strictly where all the stars get the same amount of money to take part, campmates on I'm A Celebrity can demand a fee.

    In 2020 Olympian Mo Farah was reported to have pocketed a whopping £300,000 for appearing on the show while professional dancer AJ Pritchard was estimated to have banked a lower fee of £50,000.

    The most highest paid star to appear on the show is believed to be Caitlyn Jenner who reportedly banked £500,000.

  • Milica Cosic

    Nothing that scares David Ginola

    Model Maëva Denat, 37, said: “There is almost nothing that scares David, not even death. He is a force of nature and will go outside bare-chested when it is snowing.

    “He doesn’t feel the cold and he loves the wind and rain. He is incredibly strong and says I make him feel young again.

    “We love playing backgammon, but David always wins. You can’t play a game with him because he has to win and he always wins. 

    “He is not afraid of insects or bugs. I scream if I see a spider and he will jokingly scream at me and ask, ‘Why are you screaming like that?’ The only thing he is afraid of is sharks but he wants to dive with them to conquer his fear."

  • Milica Cosic

    Where is the I'm A Celebrity hotel?

    After I'm A Celeb camp members are evicted from the show, they will head to Carden Park Hotel, a luxury country hotel near Chester, Cheshire.

    The hotel is just over an hour's drive from Gwrych castle, but the journey will be well worth it for the weary celebs.

    The hotel boasts 1,000-acres of land as well as a spa, golf courses and even a vineyard.

    The luxury hotel offers a £12million spa facility, which features a lavish outdoor champagne bar.

    And Carden Park doesn't skimp when it comes to mealtimes – with four on-site restaurants and bars.

    All of the food is overseen by executive head chef Graham Tinsley MBE.

  • Milica Cosic

    I’m A Celebrity viewers told to boycott show

    I’M A Celebrity viewers have been urged to boycott the show because of its “tired, tacky and cruel” Bushtucker trials.

    More than eight million fans are expected to tune into next Sunday’s opening episode – but Peta is encouraging people not to bother. 

    The animal rights charity has long complained against the use of animals in the show – claiming that the use of live rats, snakes, spiders cockroaches and mealworms are used for “cheap laughs”.

    Peta UK’s media and communications manager, Jennifer White, told the Metro that ITV “must change the structure of the show" if they want to stay relevant. 

    “Every season of this show brings more cruelty to our screens,” she exclaimed.

    “Animals are terrified and abused and killed for these challenges and it’s all for a cheap laugh.

    “We encourage everyone to boycott watching this year’s show.”

  • Milica Cosic

    Everything you need to know about I'm A Celebrity 2021:

    • When does I'm a Celebrity start?
    • Where is I'm A Celebrity 2021 filmed?
    • How to vote on I'm A Celebrity
    • Where are Ant and Dec staying in Wales?

    I’m A Celebrity leaves Gwrych Castle locals furious

    I’M A Celebrity bosses have ringed the castle with steel fences, closed off footpaths and even a local golf course to keep out prying eyes – and locals aren’t happy.

    The ancient Welsh pile – which will be home to the ITV series for the second year running – is ringed and criss-crossed with trails used by ramblers and dog walkers.

    Despite the fact that most are unofficial routes, estate chiefs have allowed locals to use them for years.

    Yet now The Sun Online can exclusively reveal I'm A Celebrity bosses are said to have erected large metal panel fences eight feet high around the perimeter of the North Wales castle.

    Earlier this year, local people took the issue before council chiefs over whether they had the right to ramble across the estate.

    Read more here.

    Taking it *wayyyyy* back: The first winner of I'm a Celebrity

    Radio DJ Tony Blackburn won the first series of I'm a Celebrity in 2002.

    He defeated the late socialite Tara Palmer-Tomkinson and author Christine Hamilton to pick up the gong of King of the Jungle.

    A firm favourite from the start, Tony and Tara both managed to remain safe from the public vote throughout their two week stay.

    He took part in three trials during his time in the jungle – the Sneaky Snake Run (winning 2/6 stars), the spider web (winning 3/4) and the final trial with Tara, which he completed successfully.

    • Milica Cosic

      Where are Ant and Dec staying in Wales?

      Hosts Ant and Dec were rumoured to be staying at Bodysgallen Hall near Llandudno.

      Bodysgallen is a luxury country house hotel set on Pydew Mountain.

      It boasts a three AA Rosette restaurant and a luxurious spa.

      As well as the hotel, the grounds have 16 cottage suites which have "added privacy" and their own separate garden – so the presenter duo may be making the most of these areas.

      Importantly, the hotel is located 12 miles from Gwrych Castle – making it a quick drive to set.

      However, the Telegraph reported that Ant has been spotted walking his dogs along the beach at Penmaenmawr.

    • Milica Cosic

      How to vote on I’m A Celebrity

      Once the show is underway, a quick and easy way to vote is to download the official I’m A Celebrity app which is free.

      It is available for on the App Store, iTunes, and Google Play.

      Once downloaded, you’ll need to enter your date of birth before accessing the content.

      To vote, click on the ‘Vote’ tab at the bottom of the app and when voting is open during the show simply press the button to chose a celebrity.

    • Milica Cosic

      I’m A Celeb’s funniest moments (Continued…)

      5) Stacey Solomon was assigned a top secret mission and needed to attract the attention of comedian Dom Joly without any of their campmates noticing in 2010.

      Unfortunately, Dom was a little slow on the uptake, so Stacey resorted to chucking a stone. It ended up hitting him square in the face.

      6) When reality show diva Gemma Collins announced in 2014: “I think I’ve got malaria,” it sparked a hysterical 72 hours before she quit — and launched a host of viral memes.

      7) American David Gest became a reality TV legend in 2006 thanks to his dry sense of humour and tall tales — the most infamous being his uniquely named maid, Vaginica Seaman.

      8) Peter Andre going on about how much he loved singing, in 2004, before cutting to an unimpressed Johnny Rotten, was TV gold. His subsequent single, Insania, was anything but.

    • Milica Cosic

      I’m A Celeb’s funniest moments

      MORE than eight million viewers are expected to tune into next Sunday’s opening episode of I’m A Celeb. . .

      They will be hoping to see more of the TV gold that has tickled the nation over the 19 years the series has been running.

      To celebrate the return, we take a look at some of the funniest moments.

      1) EastEnders actor Dean Gaffney thought he was on his way into the camp to meet his fellow celebrities in 2006.

      What he didn’t know was he was going straight into a live trial — a Bush Spa with gunk plus thousands of creepy crawlies. His hysterics had Ant and Dec in stitches.

      2) As soon as nutritionist Gillian McKeith arrived in camp in 2010 she whined about a host of phobias — and sucked on a gas mask.

      Then when she was voted to perform a live trial she stunned viewers and crew alike by collapsing and lying “out cold” on her back.

      3) Nobody who saw former royal lackey Paul Burrell whimper ing and gibbering his way through an excruciating Hell Hole trial in 2004 will ever forget it.

      Ant and Dec had to look away because they were laughing so hard.

      4) Katie Price and Kim Woodburn went head to head on the eating and drinking Bushtucker Trial Vile Vending in 2009.

      While Katie gagged on an animal testicle, Kim made such a noise trying to force down a fish eye that she would have been put down if she were a dog.

    • Milica Cosic

      Daddy day care

      EMMERDALE’S Danny Miller is the the only star on the show who has been allowed their family in isolation with them ahead of stint on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here.

      The 30-year-old – who plays Aaron Dingle in the ITV soap – is one of 10 famous faces taking part in the 21st series of the show this year.

      The celebs are currently in quarantine to make sure that they’re Covid free for their stint in the castle.

      But the star isn’t doing it alone as fiancee Steph Jones and their son Albert have joined him in the cottage he’s currently staying in.

      The actor and his fiancee Steph announced the news that they welcomed their first child into the world last month.

      Danny was allowed to have his family stay with him because he’s a new dad.

    • Milica Cosic

      Naughty Boy most likely to win I'm A Celeb

      Ahead of the 21st series of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! Bookmakers.tv have analysed the previous winners of the elusive crown unveiling Naughty Boy as the most likely to win the upcoming series.

      According to historical data, the most likely winning contestant profile is that of a 36-year-old male musician, and British DJ and producer, Naughty Boy, is closest to the mark.

      Bookmaker.tv have also said that:

      • Research from the past 20 years of the show reveals the typical celeb monarch is a 36-year-old male musician 
      • Naughty Boy is a perfect match to the characteristics of the ‘average winner’ from the 2021 camp 
      • Milica Cosic

        'I’m scared David Ginola will have another heart attack & not see our girl grow up'

        Model Maëva Denat, 37, says he has little fear of dying and eats “like a Viking” — despite being clinically dead for nine minutes after collapsing in 2016.

        Ahead of the ex-Spurs and Newcastle ace’s appearance on the ITV show, she told The Sun on Sunday: “My biggest fear is he goes away and then something happens. I dread the thought of him not coming home.”

        She also told how he has battled anxiety and was “a little depressed” after his cardiac arrest.

        Speaking from their home in the South of France, Maëva said: “David’s biggest fear is he won’t live to see our daughter ever grow up and I feel the same way. It feels like there is a huge void in my life when he goes away. We miss each other so much.

        “I am always worried about David’s health and what if something happens like before?

        “I push him to take care of himself but it is a constant battle.

        “David loves to cook and to eat and can eat three plates of food when you have just one. Like most French people, he likes to drink wine and smoke, but I’ve been trying to get him to stop.”

      • Milica Cosic

        I’m A Celeb’s most DANGEROUS trial

        The 12 stars lined up for this year’s series of I’m A Celeb have been revealed. But with trials containing killer snakes, contaminated animal ‘danglies’ and fatal falls, do the contestants really know the real risks that lie ahead? 

        Life insurance experts at I'm Insured have analysed the trials from last year's Gwrych Castle and previous seasons to reveal which challenges pose the biggest risk to this year's celebs.

      • Joseph Gamp

        Some locals are not happy about IAC returning

        For many years the public and residents of the area enjoyed free and unhindered access to the woods, said Councillor Delyth MacRae.

        She said: “Prior to the castle being built, there was an undesignated path from Llanddulas to Abergele and we are talking a long time ago."

        “That was for access to the mines and it was quicker to go down there and go to the market/go shopping."

        She added: “Members of the public are feeling, rightly or wrongly, they are feeling very aggrieved their enjoyment of the land has been taken away due to recent changes of ownership as well as liability and security issues.”

        And one local resident also said: “I’ve walked these paths for years and now a TV show is spoiling things.”

      • Joseph Gamp

        'It's going to be incredibly cold and exposed'

        Speaking of The Clink, Creative Director Tom Gould said: "It's going to be incredibly exposed and cold.

        "The group dynamic in The Clink will be interesting because there is nowhere to get any space."

        IAC 2021 will run for three weeks as normal after last year'[s series was shortened due to the Covid pandemic.

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