I’m A Celebrity star Kate Garraway’s husband says James Haskell will regret calling her stupid – The Sun

KATE Garraway’s husband says James Haskell will regret calling her stupid.

Derek Draper told The Sun: “I know the look Kate gave James only too well. It says, ‘Watch out! Any more of that and I’ll let loose’.”

Derek, who has two children with the telly personality, said that James is playing a dangerous game and will get both barrels from the Good Morning Britain star if he continues.

Viewers were outraged by the former England and Wasps man’s behaviour, after he got frustrated by Kate’s decision to have a vote to decide which answer to choose in the Dingo Dollar Challenge.

Derek, 52, told The Sun: “I know the look Kate gave James during the Dingo Dollar challenge discussion only too well. I get it myself now and again. It says, ‘Watch out mate, anymore of that and I’ll let loose’.”

Kate and James clashed in Saturday night’s show after the celebrities were given the chance to choose who took part in the Bushtucker Trial for the first time this series, with Cliff Parisi volunteering.

James said the names should still be drawn out of a hat but Kate said Cliff should do it given he offered.

Derek added: “Kate is one of the calmest, nicest people you’ll ever meet but she is also, underneath, made of tungsten steel, and if she feels strongly enough about something then, boy, will she have her say.

“She is also literally the cleverest person I have ever met.

“I think James and her have very different ways of thinking but he would definitely gain from listening to her more. To be fair to him, though, it’s a lesson it took me a few years to learn and he’s only had a week.”

When later quizzed about his frustrations, James told Andrew Maxwell: “It’s just that unnecessary debate when people don’t listen. I don’t have to listen to people’s incessant stupidity going round, I can’t abide over talkers and dawdlers.

“It irritates the p*** out of me because it’s that simple.

“Explain the question, answer the question A or B, it’s a circus of stupidity. I can’t do it, I’m too intelligent and too switched on, just put your hands right up, let someone count them, right the majority win, shut up and let’s move on.”

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