I'm A Celeb's Richard Madeley reveals he and wife Judy had 'three-in-a-bed' with a ghost

RICHARD Madeley has revealed he and wife Judy Finnigan were visited in bed by a ghost, as he prepares to enter the haunted I'm a Celeb castle.

The 65-year-old recalled the chilling incident from a trip to Paris a few years ago – revealing he woke to what he initially thought was Judy, 73, getting up.

He said: "I could see what I thought was Judy sitting with her back to me on her side of the bed as if she was about to go to the loo or something – but she didn’t move.

"I slid my hand across the bed to pat her on the back, but I couldn’t get my hand across the bed because the real Judy was lying next to me. I couldn’t move my hand across the mattress.

“And so there was a hunched figure sitting on the far side of the bed. And it was such a shock I made a strange inarticulate noise."

Good Morning Britain host Richard added that his noise shocked the "ghost", and said: "The moment I made a noise, this thing stood up with ridiculous speed and shot across the room."

But that wasn't the only spooky thing to happen that night during Richard and Judy's trip as the next morning she revealed her own paranormal experience.

Richard continued: "I was ­really shaken up. Next morning, Judy says to me: ‘Oh my God, I had the most bizarre nightmare. I dreamt that a ghost walked over my grave’."

This weekend Richard will be among the 10 celebrities moving into Grwych Castle, and he'll be joined by Loose Women's Frankie Bridge, Emmerdale actor Danny Miller and Radio 1Xtra DJ Snoochie Shy.

And Richard has insisted he won't have a problem dealing with the I'm a Celebrity dunny – as he had an outdoor toilet as a child.

He said: "My father’s parents had a farm in Shropshire.

“We used to spend a lot of time up there in holiday times and stuff like that. They didn’t get full electricity until the late Sixties.

“It was very isolated, or it was then, and they didn’t have an indoor toilet till I was about nine or ten.

“So they had a dunny. It was known in the family as the gloryhole. It was basically a wooden shack in the orchards behind the farmhouse."

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