The Incredibles 2 director shares new details about Bob Odenkirk's character

Set to be released 14 years on from the Oscar-winning Pixar classic The Incredibles, its sequel (directed once again by Brad Bird) has a variety of fresh voice actors on its books. One of the most notable happens to be the great Bob Odenkirk.

But what does his character bring to the franchise?

Meet the siblings who want to legalize superheroes in #Incredibles2. 👏🏻Winston Deavor (voiced by Bob Odenkirk) and his sister, Evelyn (voiced by Catherine Keener), are two of the most significant and perhaps enigmatic new additions to the #Incredibles world. Click the link in our bio for the exclusive scoop. 📷: Disney/Pixar

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Winston Deavor, played by the Breaking Bad star, is one half of a brother-sister duo who operate a huge telecoms firm. Harking back to the original’s illegal superhero concept, Winston’s character thread will see him and sibling Evelyn (Catherine Keener) attempt to alter society’s condemnation of the Parr family and other ‘supers’.

This will be made possible through their financial resources.

Returning writer/director Bird told EW: “It’s like when Bill Gates decides that he and his wife want to get rid of malaria. They support that and put their money behind it. And so [to us] it seemed like a good idea to have somebody feel that way about superheroes.

“They’ve maybe admired superheroes their whole life, and here, they have a chance to help them.”

With Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl and Frozone all in contention to lead Deavor’s campaign, the siblings choose the more youthful and photogenic option, Elastigirl.

Check out Disney’s latest trailer for the sequel below:

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