Incredibles Facts, Incredibles 2 Trivia, Information About Casting, Voice Secrets

Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Violet, Dash, Jack-Jack, Edna Mode and Frozone are all back for Incredibles 2… but what about all the people that voiced ’em?

The OG voice of Dash was replaced by Huck Milner for Incredibles 2.

Spencer Fox was the original voice of Dash, but he hit puberty after the first film, so his voice became too deep to portray the young speedster.

Jack-Jack’s voice in Incredibles 2 is made up of archival recordings.

Eli Fucile & Maeve Andrews provided Jack-Jack’s sounds in the first film.

Edna Mode’s actually voiced by the franchise’s director.

Brad Bird‘s turn as Edna Mode was purely accidental. He had originally voiced the character as a temp track and it turned out to be the best fit for the role.

Lily Tomlin was considered for the part of Edna.

The Grace & Frankie actress reportedly turned down the part when she heard Brad Bird’s vocal performance, saying, “What do you need me for? You got it already.”

In the Italian version, Edna’s voiced by French-Italian star Amanda Lear.

Know Tony Rydinger? Yeah, he’s actually voiced by director Brad Bird’s son, Michael Bird.

Another one of Brad Bird’s sons, Nicholas Bird, voiced the little boy on the tricycle.

FUN FACT: He also voiced Squirt the Baby Turtle in Finding Nemo.

Samuel L. Jackson was cast as the voice of Frozone because Brad Bird wanted the character to have the coolest voice.

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Lucius’ wife is voiced by Kimberly Clark, who works in Pixar’s Human Resources department.

Although Honey never appears on screen, she’s still an iconic part of the production.

Joaquin Phoenix was considered for the role of Buddy Pine/Syndrome.

However, it was Jason Lee who won in the end.

Jason Lee recorded his vocals in four days; Craig T. Nelson (Bob Parr/Mr. Incredible) recorded his vocals over the span of two years.


Sophia Bush never auditioned!

The One Tree Hill alum told Collider she happened to go in for a meeting at Pixar one year, and then the company approached her for the part sometime later. Wha-?!

Incredibles 2 marks John Ratzenberger’s 20th Pixar film.

He’s the only actor to play a part in all 20 Pixar flicks, with Incredibles 2 being the latest.

This was the first Pixar film directed by Brad Bird to not have any characters voiced by Lou Romano.

Lou Romano can be heard as Bernie Kropp in The Incredibles and Linguini in Ratatouille, but you will NOT hear him in Incredibles 2.

The actress who voiced Mirage in The Incredibles, Elizabeth Peña, passed away in 2014.

So, possibly out of respect to the late star, Mirage does not make an appearance in the sequel.

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