Inside Gogglebox stars Pete and Sophie's Blackpool home

Gogglebox stars Pete and Sophie Sandiford are fan favourites on the Channel 4 show, and they have been keeping the entire nation entertained during lockdown.

The sibling pair have won over viewers thanks to their close relationship, amazing mugs and hilarious one-liners.

And it seems that 26-year-old Pete and 24-year-old Sophie also have a close relationship off-camera as well as onscreen.

The pair have given fans a glimpse at their home in Blackpool where they live with their parents.

And judging by their Instagram snaps the pair wind each other up just as much off-screen.

We all know what their lounge looks like as we get to see them sat in their signature chairs on Gogglebox every week.

Sophie is always sat on a bright yellow armchair, while her brother can be found chilling on the sofa.

Their kitchen looks extra spacious and it seems like the lighting is perfect for selfies as they seem to take a lot of pictures in there.

Even this one where they are dressed as the Spice Girls, and to be honest Pete we are loving this look on you.

During each episode of Gogglebox, viewers are often drawn to the wacky and wonderful mugs that Sophie and Pete sip their tea out of.

The mugs are always placed on the coffee table in front of them, and they are just brilliant.

The weather has also been particularly nice lately, and like most of us the siblings have been spending time in their garden.

With a bevvy or two of course.

We never get to see their adorable dog on the programme, but Sophie has shared a photo of the adorable pup lying on her bed.

And as expected Sophie’s bedroom is immaculate and her wall is covered with a light-up elephant and a selection of photographs.

Sophie and Pete still work regular day jobs, with Sophie working as a shop window dresser and Pete has a job in the insurance industry.

As part of the Googlebox cast, the siblings have to commit to 12 hours of filming each week split across two six-hour shifts.

Celebrity Gogglebox returns on Friday on Channel 4 at 9pm.

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