Inside Teen Mom Jenelle Evans' failed ventures including axed clothing line and makeup line

TEEN Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans has had numerous failed business ventures over the years.

From the MTV alum’s axed clothing line to her highly criticized makeup line, Jenelle has made a handful of business mistakes in the past.


Ahead of her clothing line's launch on November 17th, Jenelle posed in a number of outfits being sold.

In various shots, the Teen Mom 2 alum stretched out while wearing tight black leggings and a sports bra.

In a following snap, Jenelle showed off the same outfit in a green version.

She captioned the post: "SNEAK PEEK! The Jenelle Eason Collection: #StayCozy #ComingSoon. Nov. 17th #SaveTheDate."

The former TV personality added: "This is made from luxury material and the best craftsmanship I’ve ever seen. Created with the most sustainable clothing and on-demand."


Even before the line's launch, Teen Mom fans admitted they weren't excited by the products as they rushed to Reddit to share their harsh opinions.

One blasted the loungewear: "Why does the material look like cheap craft felt?" while another added, "That looks like a jail jumpsuit."

A third person chimed in: "This suit is so unflattering," and one chimed in, "Its cheap material for what I’m guessing will be a high price."


Shortly after teasing the line, Jenelle took to TikTok to reveal "haters contacted" a company she was working with called SewSew You.

The ex MTV star revealed the company dropped her clothing line, adding that she "decided to do my own website under my own name."

She attempted to fill out the website with images of her fitness and loungewear.

Unfortunately, SewSew You announced that Jenelle's "line is canceled."

Throughout the video, Jenelle wiped away tears from her eyes while covering her face in shame.

She captioned the post: "Been crying all morning. 

"Sorry to let everyone’s hopes up but SewSew You has dropped me because of haters."


In June, The Sun exclusively revealed Jenelle's makeup company JE Cosmetics was officially out of business.

The Sun also exclusively revealed the business license for JE Cosmetics has been “dissolved” by the North Carolina Secretary of State.

The office confirmed the business is no longer active because Jenelle did not file her annual report due April 15, 2021. 

The MTV alum exclusively spoke to The Sun about her decision to no longer continue the makeup company, stating: “Basically I stopped it myself. I still have stuff to sell, and I was still actually selling products, but it’s really hard to keep up with without a team. 

“I was the one packaging everything, shipping it all, restocking it, it was really hard to keep up with it without a team.”

Jenelle added that she wanted to “focus on monetizing” her “social media channels.”


The makeup company was hit with scandal in September 2019 after its universal brow launch. 

Customers who received the $40 product complained of poor quality.

While taking to Twitter, one customer wrote: “The brow pencil completely snapped off within a minute of using it, no matter how short I made it, it would snap off. There was 1 inch of product in it to begin with, now there is none. Complete waste.”

Teen Mom 2 star Ashley Jones agreed to review the product, but later opted out due to the lack of color choices despite being “universal.”

She said on social media: “I will NOT be buying Jenelle’s brow kit cause it only comes in 1 color and none of them are dark enough for my brows. So, sorry guys.”

Additionally, reported Jenelle was dropped by her manufacturer in October 2019.


Back in April, Jenelle was fired from her podcast Girl S#!t.

Shortly after announcing her involvement with the podcast, Girl S#!t revealed on Instagram that Jenelle would not be attending their launch party due to “unforeseen circumstances."

While Jenelle blamed "cancel culture” for why she wasn’t at the party, she insisted was not fired from the podcast.

However, co-host Gabbie Egan exclusively told The Sun Jenelle “was let go” because of her past, which includes her husband, David Eason, admitting to shooting and killing their family dog Nugget for snapping at their daughter Ensley, now 4. 

Gabbie said: “I was told Jenelle was being let go from the production because of new information that was discovered about her past and a lot of the cast was uncomfortable working with her. 

“Since posting with Jenelle, a lot of us have lost followers, received a lot of hate for even being associated with her. From what I know, Jenelle is no longer associated with Girl S#!t.”

Gabbie added: “Jenelle was a part of the cast. She did help with finding cast members, and help ‘run the show.’ She was one of the main girls, who personally reached out to me to be a part of this project as well.”

She also clarified that the women all work for a separate producer of Girl S#!t, not for the former MTV star. 

Shortly after Jenelle was fired from the podcast, she launched her own called The Jenelle Evans Podcast.

However, fans were quick to slam her new venture as they said she has "no skills."


Also in April, Jenelle turned to TiKTok to promote Rock and Leather Bags.

The company sells repurposed luxury bags and helps bring awareness to mental health issues in the military. 

After Jenelle posted the video, business owner Erika Newman received backlash after learning of the MTV alum's controversial past.

For example, Jenelle previously wished death on a soldier. 

When Erika asked Jenelle to take the video down and return the bag, which retails for $1,000, the TV personality refused and began a fight with the business owner on social media.

Erika reflected on working with Jenelle in an exclusive interview with The Sun, stating: “We sent Jenelle a bag because she was one of the few influencers who reached back out to us when we still had a tiny following.

“We thought people could separate what her husband had done from her promoting us because he was in no way involved.”

Erika added of the video: “We had absolutely no idea about the video that surfaced of her wishing death on a soldier until after she promoted us and many people sent it to us. 

“After seeing that, we reached out to Jenelle for comment and she basically said she has nothing against the military. It still didn’t sit right with us. 

“The biggest issue was people being more concerned about working with her than what our message was about and that was a huge problem.”

While Erika admitted she did get sales from the post, she also “got many messages from people stating they loved what we were about, but wouldn’t purchase from us because we were associated with her.”

She said that she understood why Jenelle refused to return the bag, as it was sent to her as a gift. 

However, the Rock and Leather Bags owner added: “She didn’t hold up her end of the deal because she agreed to an Instagram post and never posted. 

“She also took over a week to post it after we sent it to her and messaged her multiple times asking her to post it.”


In October, Jenelle took to TikTok to share a video walking fans through how she tracks her daily diet on Simple App.

The clip began with Jenelle in bed as text on screen read: “What I eat in a day fasting edition.”

She revealed that she starts off her morning with a cup of coffee, followed by drinking canned water a few hours later.

Jenelle later shared a clip of herself enjoying avocados and lemon juice at noon.

She eventually enjoyed her first real meal of the day at 7 p.m., which consisted of turkey and dumplings.

The MTV alum’s TikTok video concluded with her revealing that she has been tracking her daily diet on Simple App.

Jenelle then encouraged her fans to try out her fasting routine, which she made easier by directly linking to the app in her bio.

Alongside the clip, the mother of three wrote: “I do the 16:8 fasting plan 💪🏼”

After admitting the video was an ad for the app, she concluded the caption with the hashtags #fasting,  #morningroutine,  #whatieatinaday,  #workfromhome and #momlife.


More recently, Jenelle resorted to promoting the mobile game Song Pop 2.

In a sponsored TikTok video, Jenelle raved about the game and encouraged her fans to download it onto their own phones.

Shortly after she posted the video, fans wondered if Jenelle may be struggling financially after being fired by MTV following a series of controversies.

While taking to Reddit, one commenter wrote: "She tryin to get to the [money bag emoji]."

Another added: "Oh no baby what is you doing."

A third added: "We"re sooo close to an onlyfans Jenelle, I can feel it," while someone else chimed in, "They are so hard up for money."

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