Insulate Britain spokesman swears as GB News climate row explodes: Stop swimming in s**t

Insulate Britain: Wootton tells Liam Norton to ‘grow up’

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Dan Wootton spoke to a member of Insulate Britain once again on his GB News segment as the climate activist group continued their disruption of British motorways. Spokesman Liam Norton hit back at his host’s claims his own home hadn’t been properly insulated, and concluded Monday’s interview with a strong message for Wootton’s viewers.

Norton’s language had to be censored as he encouraged GB News viewers to join Insulate Britain’s campaign to disrupt the country’s major motorways.

He accused GB News host Wootton of spreading misinformation when he questioned whether Norton had insulated his own home.

The spokesman claimed he had never owned a home up to this point, and that Wootton had read false information about the activist group from newspapers “like The Sun”.

Norton sidestepped the question when Wootton refused to back down, and said he had come on the show for a different reason.

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He said: “I’m here to say to the people watching this, if you want to know what the weather is doing look out the window.

“Don’t believe the lies and the misinformation that cowards like some of our MPs and people in the media are telling you.

“Understand that this crisis is real, and the only way we’re going to get out of it is if we go into civil resistance against this government, which means sitting on the motorways.”

Wootton smiled and laughed throughout his appeal for more Britons to take action.

Dozens of climate activists are facing possible prison sentences for disrupting the M25 and other roads in Manchester, Birmingham, Dover and London since September.

Although Norton maintained climate change is one of the biggest concerns for the British public, Wootton wasn’t convinced Insulate Britain’s tactics will get them on their side.

He goaded Norton: “Oh that’s mature. That’s mature. Oh, that’s going to work.”

Norton talked over him, however, and eventually managed to deliver his message.

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He continued: “If you’re tired of austerity, come and sit on the motorways. If you’re tired that they can’t fill the shelves up, come and sit on the motorways.

“If you’re tired that they’re pumping s**t into your rivers, come and sit on the motorways.”

Wootton once again suggested Norton should insulate the home he doesn’t have before the country can get behind their cause.

He shouted over his guest: “Grow up man. You need to grow up, get a real job, insulate your own home and then maybe the British people will start taking you seriously.”

Their row drew divisive reactions from viewers, whose opinions were split over who came off worse during the heated interview.

Twitter user AFCZafar said: “Dan Wootton manages to come off worse. Put in his place by Liam. Never thought I’d watch an interview with a member of Insulate Britain and feel they won the debate.”

However, Jay Cee argued: “Liam was out of his depth, if he is all they have to voice this argument it proves it hasn’t got legs.”

Members of Insulate Britain have confirmed they will continue taking action to raise awareness of the climate crisis, though their tactics could change in the coming weeks.

GB News is available to watch on Sky on channel 515, Freeview channel 236 and Virgin Media channel 626.

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