It's a Tie?! Amy Adams and Patricia Arquette Both Win Best Actress at Critics' Choice Awards

It’s a tie!

Both Amy Adams and Patricia Arquette scored a Critics’ Choice Award for best actress in a limited series on Sunday night.

Adams, 44, was called to the stage first for her role in Sharp Objects by visibly surprised presenters Catherine O’Hara and Eugene Levy. When she made it to the stage, Adams yelled out, “I want the other girl up here. The other woman! Can I read it?”

That’s when she announced Arquette as the second winner, for her performance in Escape at Dannemora.

The crowd roared with excitement as the ladies embraced before giving their acceptance speeches.

“I actually can’t think of a more beautiful thing than a tie, because there really isn’t a winner when we get to do such great work and we have such wonderful opportunities,” Adams said. “I’m overwhelmed. I have so many people to thank, but I don’t want to take it up.”

Arquette, 50, was also overwhelmed with gratitude. “I want to thank Ben Stiller — our incredible, courageous director who really let us explore and remove the yoke from my neck that I felt I’ve carried my whole career of, ‘But is she likable?’ Thank you for taking that off my neck. It was really heavy for me to carry that long,” she said.

“Thank you Showtime for this. A lot of friends of mine who might be bigger body type said, ‘Thank you. For once in my life, I got to see a bigger boned woman or a different body type woman be sexual, unapologetic and not have it be a fetish or a joke,” Arquette said of her character Tilly Mitchell.

Both women were also nominated in the same category at the 2019 Golden Globes, where Arquette was the winner.

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Interestingly, Arquette and Adams weren’t the only ladies to tie Sunday night.

Shortly after their win, Willem Dafoe announced that Glenn Close and Lady Gaga had both won Best Actress.

“I am so thrilled it’s a tie, I can’t tell you,” Close, 71, screamed as she accepted the trophy for her performance in The Wife. “I was thinking that, you know the world kind of pits us against each other in this profession and I know that from all the women in this category, and I think I can speak for all the women in this room, we celebrate each other.”

“We are proud to be in this room together,” Close added before thanking her daughter for “helping create this role.”

Next up, Gaga, 32, took the stage after being named the second winner for her role in A Star Is Born.

“I’m so very happy that you won this this evening,” Gaga said to Close after the two shared a warm embrace. “This is a tremendous honor.”

“Bradley, you are a magical filmmaker,” Gaga said of costar Bradley Cooper. “And you are just as magical of a human being.

“I’ve never had an experience with a director or an actor like I had with you and I will cherish it forever.”

Gaga also took home an award for best song for “Shallow”

The 24th Critics’ Choice Awards, hosted by Taye Diggs, are airing live on the CW.

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