James Charles scandal: Why has YouTube demonetised his account

BEAUTY guru James Charles is no stranger to online drama, but he's found himself at the end of some serious allegations.

Several underage males have accused Charles of "grooming" and sending inappropriate messages.

Why has YouTube demonetised James Charles' account?

The video sharing platform has demonetised James Charles' account in the wake of several accusations of "grooming” and Snapchatting minors.

Charles – who has 25 million subscribers to his YouTube channel – has been stripped of his ability to make money through advertising revenue from the site.

YouTube's policy states: "If we see that a creator's on- and/or off-platform behaviour harms our users, community, employees or ecosystem, we may take action to protect the community."

It comes after Charles' beauty sponsor, Morphe, announced they had "agreed to end our business relationship" with the influencer.

What are the accusations against James Charles?

Recent accusations against the YouTuber surfaced when a 16-year-old boy claimed Charles had groomed him on Snapchat.

He alleged that Charles had pressured him into exchanging sexual photos.

This prompted more accusers to come forward to share their stories.

One 17-year-old boy posted Instagram private message screenshots which appear to show Charles flirting with him, despite knowing his age.

Another 15-year-old boy shared screenshots via a TikTok video in which he had been messaging Charles. Things turned sour and he alleges Charles had blocked him.

He shows screenshots of James accusing him of lying about his age but claims Charles had always been aware of his age.

During 2019's infamous 'Dramageddon' feud, Tati Westbrook accused Charles of being sexually manipulative.

Following her claims, makeup guru Jeffree Star appeared on the Mom’s Basement podcast and claimed to have a phone recording of an alleged victim of Charles’s sexual abuse.

He refused to play it out loud, saying: “At the end of the day, I’m not gonna out a victim of James Charles. If it’s real, because I don’t know if it’s real, and I’ll go into another room and play it for you.”

What has James Charles said about the accusations?

In April 2021, Charles shared a video entitled "holding myself accountable" to YouTube, responding to accusations.

In the video, he admitted to two incidents with “two different people, both under the age of 18,”.

He said “one of them being from last year and one of them being from more recent.” 

He claims the boys had initially said they were 18, but admitted he should have been more thorough in checking.

Charles said: “What I wasn’t getting before is that the excitement that comes from talking to a celebrity is literally enough to make somebody do or say something they normally wouldn’t, even if that celebrity isn’t intentionally weaponizing their fame, money, or power. That’s the concept I just wasn’t getting, but I now do.”

Following the release of the video, Charles claimed more people had come forward with further allegations, which were false.

He tweeted: "Since posting that video, many other people have come forward with a series of misleading stories and false allegations which have been reported on by many people, creators and news outlets,

"My legal team has begun taking action against those that have spread misinformation and/or created completely fake stories, as this has gone too far."

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