Jan lies about a shocking death in Corrie

There’s a bit of a shifty edge to Jan and he’s soon caught out in a huge lie that will leave Mary Taylor (Patti Clare) heartbroken in Coronation Street.

Jan buys an expensive bunch of flowers and presents them to Mary as an apology for her injury but it causes confusion in the Rovers as the women wonder who he’s really after, Moira, Mary or Eileen?

Mary starts to have feelings for Jan as she tells Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) about a crazy dream she had about him and she’s taken it as a sign they should be together.

She decides to act on it and tells Jan she’d like that drink after all. Jan worries she’s got the wrong end of the stick and that they’re going on a date.

Jan and Mary head for the drink but he quickly has it confirmed she has misunderstood things. So he brings out the big guns.

He tells her the love of his life was killed by a cattle truck in Poland. But once again it backfires in a big way as she totally misreads the signals and sees it as him opening up to her, feeling even more closer.

Mary makes a huge, and somewhat drastic, decision – she wants to divorce Norris so that she can make a go of things with Jan. But Jan, meanwhile, has a confession for Eileen – he made up the dead fiancé story in a bid to put her off.

Moira breaks the news to Mary that she’s been had and a devastated and furious Mary tells Jan she never wants to see him again.

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