Jeremy Kyle viewers mock guest's hairdo and accuse her of 'wearing a wig that doesn't fit her head'

Chloe was on the show because her boyfriend, Hoyt, cheated on her with a total of 12 different women.

After initially calling time on the romance, Chloe took him back after he proposed and promised to give her puppy.

Jeremy was mystified why Chloe would stay in a relationship with – let alone marry – someone who has cheated on her so many times over the course of their two year relationship.

But Jezza's viewers were more concerned with Chloe's hair, as they were convinced she was wearing a wig – because her flowing locks didn't quite fit the shape of her head.

Naturally, they took to Twitter to make their feelings known.

One joked: "That girl on Jeremy Kyle needs to invest in a new wig…. she looks like an electrocuted scarecrow ?"

A second viewer said: "What the hell is going on with this girl's hair is it a wig or dodgy extensions?"

A third said: "Shame she's wearing that god awful wig."

A fourth said: "I am so distracted by her wig."

A fifth viewer quipped: "Is that a wig she is wearing? it don't seem to fit her head."

Later in the segment, Hoyt declared his undying love for Chloe, and revealed that the pair were trying for a baby – despite his cheating.

However, Chloe soon decided enough was enough and told him their relationship was over.

It's been a busy old week on The Jeremy Kyle Show.

On Tuesday, Jezza was left shocked and appalled after a guest confessed to putting his hands down his girlfriend's trousers to check she hasn't cheated.

And on Wednesday, he was left disgusted when his guest compared the smell of sex to feet.

And the week still isn't over yet.

The Jeremy Kyle Show airs weekdays, 9:25 AM on ITV.

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