Jill Duggar slammed for 'super strict' parenting as she demands sons play 'obedience game' & complete bizarre tasks

JILL Duggar was slammed for her "super strict" parenting as she demands her sons play "obedience game" and complete bizarre tasks.

The same fans had actually condemned Jim Bob and Michelle for snubbing Jill's oldest son's birthday.

In a series of bizarre Instagram stories, Jill gave Counting On fans a look at her parenting skills as she played "obedience games" with her sons, Israel and Samuel.

In the video, she tells the cameras that she and the boys are playing an obedience game since they "were having a hard time responding quickly this morning with 'yes ma'am.'"

In another video, she showed off the tasks she had set up for them which included "giving them a simple fun command," "making sure they say 'yes ma'am' before leaving," and "report back to her for their next command."

Jill revealed that her boys love playing the game and that this was something she also used to play with her siblings when she was younger.

Fans quickly took to Instagram comments to ask about the bizarre game, with one person writing: "Jill has a lot of cult brainwashing she still needs to work through! This is not ok!"

A second one commented: "I would be horrified to have my child calling me ma'am."

A third one compared the game to "blanket training," which is something that the Duggars practice.

The training consists of placing a baby who is of crawling age on a blanket and placing their toys outside of the blanket. When the baby goes to get the toys, they get reprimanded so it teaches them to follow rules.

A fourth fan wrote: "Oh no, this saddens me!"

And a fifth one commented: "I find this truly disturbing. My four kids have great manners and don't talk back (mostly) but I absolutely hate this obedience s**t. We have to encourage our kids to have individual personalities and not blindly obey.

"It leaves children very vulnerable to predators. I think Jill needs to continue her counseling as disappointingly the cult brainwashing is real!"

Most recently, Jill reunited with her sister Jessa to go thrifting.

The former Counting On star has rebelled against her family's strict rules in recent years, which has led to an ongoing spat with parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

Jill and her husband, Derick Dillard, have engaged in behaviors such as drinking and sending their children to public school.

The couple has even spoken publicly about their sex life, emphasizing the divide between Jill and the rest of her family.

In February, however, Jill and Derick seemed to look past the family drama when they attended her younger brother Justin's wedding.

The married couple left their two kids behind to spend some time at the special event in Texas.

Despite distancing themselves from the reality show and Jill's fundamentalist family, Jill posted a selfie of herself and Derick on social media and congratulated her brother and his new bride, Claire. 

She added: “Derick & I got to make a quick date trip to the wedding! 

"The boys had fun playing with Mima while our new puppy played with some new friends.”

Weeks later, however, she cryptically Instagrammed a picture of the Bible opened to Psalm 16:4.

"The Psalms are so comforting… David freaked out while trusting God and keeping his eyes focused on HIM while running for his life!!" she told her fans.

Jill continued to write: "Trust doesn’t = 0 anxiety… it just means we have hope amidst the chaos because we know who holds the future!

"Be mindful of the fear tactics the enemy might use to get your distracted from your hope & victor JESUS CHRIST!!"

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