Jimmy Kimmel Applauds Voices In Kanye West Head For Cutting Bait On Donald Trump

“Now the President doesn’t even have Kanye anymore!” Jimmy Kimmel crowed, hours after Kanye West, having returned to Twitter, announced he was no longer the guy who loves Donald Trump.

“Today Kanye tweeted, ‘My eyes are now wide open and I now realize I’ve been used to spread messages I don’t believe in. I am distancing myself from politics and completely focusing on being creative!!!”

“Finally, the voices in his head are starting to make sense,” Kimmel applauded.

The ABC late-night host put out the casting call: “If there any black celebrities out there who would like to be the President’s only African American supporter, that position is now officially open.”

West – presumed 2020 POTUS candidate, though party affiliation now seems up for grabs – had walked up to his Trump divorce after returning to Twitter with his thoughts about mind control. West had deleted his Twitter account shortly after his White House visit,  which coincided with his Saturday Night Live pro-Trump rant. West followed his visit to the White House with a table-jumping visit to the Apple store in Georgetown, where fans showed up the next day to see Kim Kardashian’s rap star husband, an Apple staffer told Deadline, reporting they’d had to disappoint the fans with news Kanye had no plans to return, as best they knew.

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