Jinger Duggar admits she misses her sisters and shares a family photo with rebel Jill despite nasty family feud

JINGER Duggar admitted she misses her sisters.

The 27-year-old shared a family photo that included rebel sister Jill Duggar despite their nasty family feud.

Jinger took to her Instagram Story on Friday to answer questions from fans.

When one Counting On fan asked if she "misses" her sisters, Jinger responded by sharing a snap seven of her sisters and a gif that read "Yes 100%."

Jinger shares two daughters- Felicity, two, and Evangeline, four months, with husband Jeremy Vuolo, while the family lives in California.

Fans may be shocked when they notice that Jill, 29, appears in the photo.

Jinger's post comes just days after Jill reunited with their sister Jessa, 28, to go shopping at a vintage market.

The former Counting On star has rebelled against her family's strict rules in recent years, which has led to an ongoing spat with parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

Jim Bob, 55, and Michelle, 54, famously raised their 19 children with a conservative and strict upbringing.

They are fundamentalist Baptists who have set strict rules of modesty for their kids and grandkids, though Jill and her husband, Derick Dillard, have been known to break them.

The couple – who share sons Israel, six, and Samuel, three – have engaged in behaviors such as drinking and sending their children to public school.

The pair have even spoken publicly about their sex life, emphasizing the divide between Jill and the rest of her family.

Back in February, Jill and Derick seemed to look past the family drama when they attended her younger brother Justin's wedding.

The married couple left their kids behind to spend some time at the special event in Texas.

Despite distancing themselves from the reality show and Jill's fundamentalist family, Jill posted a selfie of herself and Derick on social media and congratulated her brother and his new bride, Claire. 

Jinger's post comes one month after their sister Joy-Anna, 23, unliked a mean comment that accused Jill of "airing dirty laundry."

The drama kicked off after the DuggarBates Confessions Instagram account shared a post that read: "I realize Jill Duggar needs to distance herself from the family for mental health reasons, but I don’t understand why they need to make their issues with the family public.

"Speaking out against them publicly will burn more bridges between them. They say they want to repair their relationship one day, but their actions don’t reflect that.

"If I have an issue with my family, I deal with it privately and I certainly don’t bank on it by going to media outlets and YouTube to air out the dirty laundry."

It concluded: "It’s not very Christian if you ask me. I get the sense that Jill and Derrick need money, and this is an easy route to get that money.”

Joy-Anna seemed to like the original comment, however, she's now has taken a big step back, as she took back her "like."

The account then made a separate post, which read: "I find it suspicious that Joy seems to have unliked the confession about Jill."

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