Jinger Duggar’s husband Jeremy Vuolo slammed for ‘insensitive’ response to fan’s share about cancer-stricken grandfather – The Sun

COUNTING On fans are not happy with an “insensitive” response Jinger Duggar’s husband, Jeremy Vuolo, gave to a fan’s story about their sick relative.

The 32-year-old former soccer player asked his followers to share quarantine stories with him, but they don’t think he really knew what to do when he actually received some personal stories.

The pastor posted a photo of himself, his wife Jinger and their 1-year-old daughter Felicity crossing the street, a la the iconic Beatles Abbey Road shot, and wrote about how his extra time at home with his family has been good.

He explained: “During the quarantine, Jinger and I have been able to spend a lot more time together each morning.

“Reading the Bible, talking, and praying as we eat breakfast or sip coffee, we’ve enjoyed the change of pace. I’ve also been reminded of how enjoyable these times with my wife are.”

Jeremy ended the social media caption by asking his fans: “What is something in quarantine that you’ve realized you are extra grateful for?”

Soon, a slew of comments filtered in, including one from someone who had been laid off but found the positive in the situation by realizing it gave them time to spend with a very sick family member.


The user shared: “After discovering my grandfather had Stage 4 pancreatic cancer and was refusing treatment, I had extra time to spend with him that I wouldn’t have had if not for the quarantine.

“I was able to help him and his other family members care for him in his last few weeks and for that I’m extremely and forever grateful!”

In response, Jeremy simply wrote: “Wow. Thanks for sharing!”

Reddit users saw the Counting On star’s short reply and couldn’t believe how “disgusting” it was, with the title of the Reddit page even reading: “Wow. Way to be insensitive, Jeremy (or Jinger if you’re running his page)”

A few on the post wondered why Jeremy couldn’t even add a “your family is in my prayers” comment to his response, especially because they felt a “pastor would be more Christlike and compassionate.”


One commenter wrote: “This is just so stone cold. I do not even understand how you could respond to another human that way after that comment. Something is seriously missing inside of him.”

Another said: “I swear he probably didn’t even read the whole thing. That or he is dumber than I thought.”

A couple others claimed he “had no idea how to respond” because the comment was “not about him” and he couldn’t “talk about himself.”

This isn’t the first time recently fans have taken issue with something Jeremy has done.

A few weeks ago, he and his wife, 26, took their daughter to a crowded Los Angeles park shortly after it reopened amid the coronavirus pandemic, and people were not happy about that decision.

Jinger, who fans are currently speculating is pregnant, shared some moments from their day out on her Instagram Stories, and her followers soon started to let their anger be known.


One Reddit user wrote: "Sorry, but no. People need to stay home. If there are other people at the park and you can’t avoid them, go home.”

Another criticized the family, saying: "They weren’t social distancing, in the videos they are seen side-by-side and brushing up against large groups of people.

"In the past, they have been all about showing off their masks and staying in their cars, but with the park being open again they seem to have ditched all precautions."

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