Joe Giudice to Fight in Celebrity Boxing Match: ‘Bring It on!'

“He’s in trouble,” Leonard told Teresa and her brother Joe Gorga, who was also by her side. “His immigration lawyers made the arguments to the lower courts and the courts have denied it very aggressively. They blew up every single argument. The next step is another appeal to the third circuit and saying, ‘Please, the lower courts have made mistakes.’”

“It could take months,” Leonard said. “We have to start the whole process all over again. But the problem is, this is his last chance. And you’re not bringing forward new information, so I think the odds are against Joe at this stage.”

Joe’s immigration case stems back to October 2018, when a ruling was made that Joe would have to leave the country after he finished serving out his 41-month prison sentence for mail, wire and bankruptcy fraud.

The Giudice father was born in Italy and lived there for a year before his parents relocated to America. He never obtained American citizenship and per U.S. law, immigrants can be deported if they are convicted of “a crime of moral turpitude” or an “aggravated felony.”

In March, Joe was released from prison, three years after first reporting. (Teresa served a little over 11 months in prison for the same crimes; she was released on Dec. 23, 2015.) He was transferred to the custody of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to wait out his appeal decisions.

In October, Joe moved to Salerno, Italy to find work while he awaits the court’s decision.

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