John Torode has kitchen fire live on This Morning

John Torode narrowly avoided disaster on This Morning after a tea towel caught on fire in his kitchen as he caught Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield how to cook a McDonalds-style breakfast. The TV personality was distracted by showing the pair how to cook and so didn’t see the blaze behind him, leading Holly and Phil to scream at him that there was a fire to grab his attention. Phil shouted: “Your cooker is on fire! Your tea towel John. Behind you John, you’re on fire! Fire John!” Upon noticing, John grabbed the tea towel and threw it into his kitchen sink, dousing the fire. After John safety put out the blaze, the pair collapsed into giggles as his fire alarm began going off. 

WATCH: John Torode’s kitchen is on fire

Holly praised John’s reactions, saying: “Are you okay? You were so calm and cool about that,” to which Phil replied: “He didn’t know!” Viewers were quick to discuss the stressful moment, with one writing: “Absolutely lost it at @JohnTorode1 tea towel going on fire live and now his fire alarm going off. Only on #ThisMorning.” 

Holly shouted to tell John about the fire

Another added: “John Torode setting his tea towel on fire on the stove and not noticing it until Phil and Holly were screaming at him and then his fire alarm going off… the funniest thing I’ve ever seen on This Morning.” Others praised his quick thinking and calm demeanour, with one tweeting: “Got to hand it to @JohnTorode1 though, keeping so calm! I set fire to the grill when I was a teen and instead of putting it out I panicked and ran outside, leaving my 1 year old brother sitting in the kitchen in his high chair. That story’s never been forgotten.” 

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