Is Jon Bernthal Returning for ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 9? He’s Spotted on Set

Rumors have swirled around about Bernthal’s possible return as Shane Walsh in the upcoming season of the series after he’s seen hanging out with Andrew Lincoln near the set.

Jon Bernthal recently reunited with his former “The Walking Dead” co-stars, sparking a speculation that he may return for season 9 of the series. The “Fury” actor was pictured hanging out with Andrew Lincoln near the set of the AMC series.

The two actors were seen in a car after grabbing some coffee. A fan took a picture with Bernthal and Lincoln as they were laughing inside the car.

Bernthal was also spotted visiting Norman Reedus‘ Nic & Norman’s restaurant, which he co-owns with “The Walking Dead” executive producer Greg Nicotero. In a photo posted on Instagram, Reedus and Lincoln were posing with a family while Bernthal was seen in the background.

“Right after I took the food photo they walked in!!!!! (Shane,Rick,Daryl),” the Instagram user wrote in the caption.

Bernthal donned a weed leaf Willie Nelson sleeveless T-shirt and a black cap, the same outfit he wore in the Facebook picture. It means these all happened on the same day.

Bernthal’s character Shane Walsh died in season 2 of the zombie-themed series. His friend Rick stabbed him with a knife when Shane lured him into a trap, and his zombified version was shot in the head by Carl, ruling out the possibility of his return. Shane, however, made a brief appearance in season 3 when Rick thought a Woodbury soldier was Shane.

With Rick’s death imminent in the show’s upcoming season, Shane may return in Rick’s hallucination or in a flashback to help send off Rick.

Bernthal may as well just pay a visit to his old friends. The original cast members of the show are known to have a close relationship as Bernthal once told Den of Geek, “I mean, there’s a reason why Andrew Lincoln and Sarah Wayne Callies and Steven Yeun and Melissa McBride and Norman Reedus, that we all consider each other best friends and family. When we started [‘The Walking Dead’], it started in an unbelievably humble place, you know, we had no idea what that show was going to become.”

Bernthal is now starring on Netflix’s series “The Punisher” as Frank Castle a.k.a. the titular character.

Meanwhile, the new season of “The Walking Dead” will premiere this fall on AMC.

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