Judge Rinder shocked to learn relatives were killed in Holocaust during trip to death camp on Who Do You Think You Are

The TV personality takes a "life changing" trip to the Nazi death camp Schlieben during the episode.

During the heartbreaking visit, he learns how the parents and five siblings of his Jewish grandfather Morris were all killed.

He told The Mirror: “Oh that programme was life changing.

"My grandfather was a ­Holocaust survivor and I went back to where his family were in Poland.

"There was a moment when I stood in a camp with a survivor from that camp who told me what it was like when he came across my grandfather, who had been a survivor in Belsen.”

The programme sees Robert travel to ­Piotrkow in Poland to follow Morris’s story and he sees a train pass a spot from where his family members would have been taken to their deaths.

The tearful star says: “Just the most staggering thing of passing on a speeding train, your family gone and then you go back to your house and you’re alone.

“It’s impossible to fathom for my grandfather what that must have been like — to come back to nothing.”

Robert’s grandfather was later sent to Schlieben concentration camp in ­Germany, where he was forced to work producing ­missiles for the German army.

At the end of the war, he was one of hundreds of ­Jewish orphans who were brought to the UK, where he settled in the Lake ­District.

A BBC source previously told The Sun: “Robert already had some knowledge about his family’s history but discovered the full extent of their ­treatment during filming.

“The programme is already looking like one of the most intriguing yet.”



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