Justice for brave Victoria as she reports rape to police in Emmerdale?

Vic spoke of how Lee, played by Kris Mochrie, clearly hadn’t understood the situation, perhaps even not believing he’d done anything wrong. She told Moira how after he’d raped her he’d taken his time to get up, dressed and leave. He later text as if it was a normal hook up.

But as Moira tried to convince her to go to the police she refused. She’d also confessed to having destroyed all of the bedding and clothes involved in that night in a bid to get him out of her life.

Then, at the last minute, as it seemed like Victoria had resolved to carry on with the burden alone, she confronted her own fear of him coming back to do it again. She realised he knew where she lived and if he believed nothing terrible had happened, he could easily come back for a fresh attack.

‘If I did go to the police, would you be there for me?’ she begged Moira as she broke down and the two women hugged.

The moment was heart-wrenching and beautifully portrayed, and is a huge step forward in Victoria surviving her terrifying ordeal.

Will she now get the justice she so rightly deserves?

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