Kaley Cuoco-Starring ‘Harley Quinn’ Animated Series Unleashes First-Look Trailer

Kaley Cuoco is heading to DC Comics-related animated TV series as “The Big Bang Theory” is about to wrap up its story. The actress has been confirmed to lend her voice to Harley Quinn on DC Universe’s upcoming series “Harley Quinn“, in addition to serving as executive producer.

The streaming service unearthes first-look trailer ahead of its panel at New York Comic Con tomorrow evening, October 4. The 53-second footage sees Harley and Poison Ivy (Lake Bell) poking fun at DC Universe inside a cell at Arkham Asylum.

“I can’t wait for you guys to see my new show on DC Universe. You’re gonna piss yourselves, I promise!” Harley, who is clad in her classic black and red clown costume, quips. She goes on saying that the new series gets “comedy, action, incredibly gratuitous violence,” before taking a jab at Marvel’s “Deadpool” by saying, “Unlike that Deadpool cartoon, it’s actually comin’ out!”

Poison responds, “I thought we were supposed to make a show that was like, super gritty and bleak and depressing. You know, like a DC thing.”

“That is an excellent way to make television and film,” Harley deadpans. “But everyone on my show is gonna have fun, or I will bash their f***ing heads in!” Later, Diedrich Bader‘s Batman, “a real buzzkill,” according to Harley, pops in all of sudden to warn Gotham’s criminal queenpin, “There’s no fun in Arkham, Quinn.”

Cuoco’s Harley raves the new logo. Poison then chimes in, telling Harley that it is no use since comic fans “hate everything.”

In addition to Cuoco and Bell, the upcoming series will feature voice actors including Alan Tudyk, Ron Funches, JB Smoove, Jason Alexander, Wanda Sykes, Giancarlo Esposito, Natalie Morales, Jim Rash, Tony Hale and Chris Meloni.

Of “Harley Quinn”, Cuoco says, “This show is kind of a very cool, modern take on Harley Quinn.” She continues saying, “She’s such an iconic character that we’re excited to bring a much brighter and kind of, even the animation is very bright and modern and hip. And the character is very edgy. The storyline is very edgy and it’s definitely not a child’s show! It’s an adult comedy — I have to make sure I tell people that! — which has been a blast to work on. I’ve never experienced anything like this before. It’s been kind of a really cool gig.”

“Harley Quinn” will center on the titular character who has finally broken things off once and for all with the Joker as she attempts to make it on her own as the criminal Queenpin of Gotham City through the Legion of Doom. However, Cuoco teases that the Clown Prince of Crime may make an appearance on the show.

“It starts out with her and Joker in this very crazy up and down relationship, and in the opening, they’re partners and once again Joker takes all the credit for all the mayhem, when she wants to be the biggest bada$$ there is! She wants to be partners and Joker screws her over for the hundredth time,” Cuoco shares. “So finally she gets the nerve to break up with him and she’s like, I’m done with this. I want to rule Gotham City. I want to do this. I want to be the bada$$ queen. So she gets her own team together, which is kind of the beginning of the series, getting her squad, getting this group behind her to help her kind of become the city’s worst nightmare. In a good way!”

“Harley Quinn” doesn’t have a premiere date yet.

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