Kate Garraway reveals she's had her phone stolen and car towed at the hospital after health scare all in one 'nightmare' week

The 51-year-old presenter admitted she's had a "nightmare" week and was comforted by her co-host Ranvir Singh.

Putting on a brave face, she told viewers: "The week's been a bit of a mess. On the way back from holiday my phone was stolen at the airport. And you know what it's like when you're entire life is on your phone? By the way, Mum, I am back. I still haven't got hold of my mum."

She then went on to say she had a frightening health scare and was forced to drive to the hospital and park without paying for parking.

She knew she'd suffer a penalty fine but was devastated to see her car had been towed when she was discharged.

Kate added: "Also, I was a bit poorly, ended up having to go to the hospital this week. Was in longer than I thought. I thought it was going to be a quick thing. I came out, knew it was going to be a ticket in the car park on my car. Towed away!

"Towed away and because I was in a bit of a state, I was walking around thinking, 'Did I leave it there?' So I lost my car, a phone, and my health."

It comes after Kate was reminded of the time she pretended to breastfeed a calf for the 2008 documentary 'Other People's Breast Milk'.

On Monday, Kate sat looking embarrassed, as news reader Charlotte Hawkins said to her: "Kate Garraway once actually breastfed a cow!"

An image of Kate appearing to nurse a calf in a promotional shot for the Channel 4 documentary flashed up on screen.

She posed for the – at the time controversial – photo for the programme, which suggested that feeding babies cows milk-containing formula is as strange as giving cows human milk.

The star explained: "Now it was all part of a documentary. It was a serious piece of journalism on Channel 4 called 'Other People's Breast Milk' about people who drink other people's breast milk.

"Now people were horrified by this, but the thing is when you give your baby formula you're giving it milk from the breast of a cow."

She noted, of posing with the animal: "There was gaffer tape and an element of fakery about.

"And it clearly made the point because we're still talking about it 12 years on."

Kate added: "It's not something I'm usually proud of, although I did look good."

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