Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt Gives Marriage Advice During Book Chat: Don't 'Go to Bed Angry'

“I want to travel as much as I can when it comes to this book to be able to talk to as many people as possible about forgiveness,” Schwarzenegger Pratt told PEOPLE in March. “Forgiveness was something I was experiencing in my own life that I wanted to get more information on for myself and also be able to share with other people. My hope is that this book will inspire others to practice forgiveness in their own lives.”

Schwarzenegger Pratt emphasized this hope again while talking with Amy Nelson, before ending the chat with her marriage advice. She also shared what her mom, Maria Shriver, told her.

“My mom likes to remind me that I will learn more as the years go on,” Schwarzenegger Pratt told Nelson. “For me, especially in this time, constant communication [is important]. I’m not good with leaving things unsaid. I can’t do it. I’m not the kind of person who is able to do it. I don’t like to go to bed angry.”

She explained that her husband is the same way.

“We both do not want to ever go to bed angry. We both communicate a lot—it’s super important to us,” the author said. “And we also always check in, no matter how crazy our days are. We just like making sure we’re doing a temperature gauge with one another because we’re a team and we want to make sure that team is a strong one.”

The Gift of Forgiveness is on sale now.

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