Kelly Osbourne Had Meltdown During ‘Ozzy & Jack’s World Detour’ Due to Misophonia

‘Kelly is very particular,’ Jack shares, adding that his sister would ‘freak out over certain noises.’

Kelly Osbourne had “crazy meltdowns” while filming on the road with her brother Jack and father Ozzy because she suffers from sound sensitivity syndrome misophonia.

Rocker Ozzy Osbourne and his son front travel show Ozzy & Jack’s World Detour, and for the new season three, they invited former Fashion Police contributor Kelly to join them as they visited various historical spots.

Jack Osbourne admits working with his relatives again, after previously letting cameras into their lives for family reality show The Osbournes, turned out to be rather enjoyable.

“It was alright, actually. It was a lot of fun,” he told news show Access Hollywood. “I think it was a little difficult for Kelly to adjust. She’s been used to the in-studio life, and then you throw her out on the road for like, 14-hour shoot days (it took some adjusting)…”

He also had to get used to putting up with their odd quirks throughout the long road trip.

“My dad has a tendency to eat a lot of trail mix (granola, dried fruit, and nut snack), and then proceed to talk to you while he’s eating trail mix, and so he’s just like, showering (you with the food),” Jack chuckled.

Ozzy & Jack’s World Detour returned to America’s A&E network earlier this month.

As for Kelly, he had to be careful not to set her off by making loud, annoying noises.

“Kelly is very particular,” he shared. “Kelly has a thing called misophonia… a disorder where you basically freak out over certain noises, but like, full on freak out. So, if you’re smacking your lips when you eat, if you make any kind of clicking noises (it will annoy her)… There’s zero cure for it, there’s no therapy for it, but she will have these crazy meltdowns.”

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