Kim Kardashian helps free new prisoner as she trains to become lawyer

Kim Kardashian has already helped release another man from prison in California as part of her criminal justice reform in the US. 

On Monday, the star led a true crime documentary called Kim Kardashian West: The Justice Project, which showed her working closely with human rights lawyer Jessica Jackson Sloan to help commute prisoners who have been given life sentences. 

David Jassy was serving a life sentence for the 2008 ‘road rage killing’ of 55-year-old John Osnes, but was released on Friday after launching a music programme inside prison walls for the other inmates. 

With Kim and Jessica’s help Jassy’s sentence was commuted to time served on 28 March. 

Unfortunately, his case was not shown in the documentary, but Jessica says it proves that the reality star is in it for the long-haul as she trains to become a lawyer – and long after the cameras were turned off.

Speaking exclusively to, Jessica,who helps lead the Cut50 initiative to reduce incarceration in the US, said: ‘David Jassy, he was out of California. He had served 11 years on a life sentence.

‘That case in particular I had been working on for three years, and I’d been working on it for about a year when I met Kim.’ 

The incident occurred when Jassy clipped the curb in Hollywood, causing Osnes to pound on the hood of the SUV to yell at him over rights of pedestrians. 

Jassy retaliated in violence and according to witnesses fatally kicked Osnes in the head before speeding off.

But since being in jail, Jassy had dedicated his time to youth and music projects to help rehabilitate others, and has often displayed repentance for his actions.

Speaking of what Jassy had achieved while in prison, Jessica told us: ‘He had a music program inside of the prison so I spent a lot of time with him over at the music programme, where he was mentoring youth who were inside of the prison.’

‘I think it just was such a compelling story and in such a compelling case and I saw all the kids done to rehabilitate himself,’ she added. ‘When I got the call saying that they were letting him out on Friday [3 April], I mean I was in tears. 

‘I called Kim right away, woke her up from a nap and we were just balling on the phone like “Oh my God, David’s coming home”.’

‘Then I got to tell his son, who’s now 21 years old and hasn’t had his dad around for 11 years so it’s just, it’s an incredible feeling. I’m thankful for those moments we don’t always win but when we do it really carries the momentum forward.’ 

‘That’s probably the six or seventh person in particular that have cases Kim’s advocated for that have been released,’ Jessica praised. ‘And she’s only been doing this for a few years!

‘Her ability to really find meaningful cases, and present them in a very compelling way is just… it’s remarkable. 

‘I think you see that in the documentary, that the way that she presents these cases and talks about them, and is able to move people with their stories.’ 

Kim Kardashian West: The Justice Project is available now on HayU.

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