Kim Kardashian latest news – Brandon Bernard will be EXECUTED today despite Kim's direct plea to President Trump

KIM Kardashian has made a direct appeal to President Trump after a judge refused a request to lift Brandon Bernard's death sentence.

Bernard – who was convicted of the murder of two youth ministers when he was a teen- is to be executed today, making him the ninth prisoner put to death since Trump resumed executions following a 17-year hiatus.

Kim begged the president to commute the death sentence and allow the 40-year-old to spend the rest of his days behind bars, insisting his role in the shocking crime was "minor".

Kardashian tweeted: “Brandon Bernard, a 40-year-old father is going to be executed tomorrow by our federal government…Having gotten to know Brandon, I am heartbroken about this execution.

“I’m calling on @realDonaldTrump to grant Brandon a commutation and allow him to live out his sentence in prison.”

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  • Debbie White


    Kim Kardashian has desperately pleaded to justice bosses and Donald Trump to save a death row inmate's life.

    Brandon Bernard has been sentenced to death for a crime he committed in 1999.

    Kim tweeted: “If executed [on Thursday] Brandon will die having never been able to touch his children.

    “All his visits with them have been behind glass, though this has not deterred him from being the best father he can be from prison.”

  • Debbie White


    Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have joined Kylie Jenner, Kate Hudson, Jennifer Garner and other celebs flaunting their Christmas cheer – and huge wealth – by lighting up their Los Angeles mansions.

    The stars have gone all out this year as they prepare to celebrate the upcoming holiday.

    Kim, 40, and husband Kanye, 43, decorated trees outside their luxury house with white lights, which look like snowflakes when admired from a bird's eye view.

    The reality TV star recently shared a snap of herself, two of her kids and her niece Penelope struggling to get a nice photo in front of a tree, which she captioned: “2020 as a photo.”

  • Patrick Knox


    Bernard was convicted with four others over the killing of couple Todd and Stacie Bagley in Killen, Texas, in 1999.

    He was only 18 years old at the time of the crime but he did not have a leading role in it, attorneys say.

    The group, all teenagers at the time, held the Bagleys at gunpoint and robbed them before shooting them.

    They then placed their bodies in the trunk of their car and torched it.

    A federal jury found Bernard guilty in 2000 of two counts of murder and he was then placed on death row and his execution is scheduled to take place today.

  • Patrick Knox


    Texas man Brandon Bernard, 40, is an inmate facing the death penalty at Terre Haute, Indiana.

    He was involved in the killing of two youth ministers back in 1999.

    Campaigners say that, at the time of his conviction, both prosecutors and jurors did not have a complete picture of Bernard and his background.

  • Debbie White


    Cheeky George Clooney has joked that he's ready to replace the Kardashian's reality show with Keeping Up With The Clooneys.

    In a talk with E! on Tuesday, George made the surprising suggestion, starting: “So, I've got a new idea.”

    “It's E!, so I think this will fit perfectly. Just pitching it right now: Keeping Up With the Clooneys.”

    The correspondent, Morgan Stewart, eagerly replied: “Listen, we will take it any second. Any time you want to give us that, done.”

    Back in September, the Kardashians shared their emotional end to over a decade of filming.

  • Debbie White


    Brandon Bernard is scheduled to be put to death on Thursday, December 10 after being convicted with four others over a crime he committed in 1999, when he was 18 years old.

    The exact time of the execution is not known.

    But, according the Death Penalty Information Centre, Indiana codes establish that the execution of a death row inmate must take place before sunrise on the execution day.

    The execution is set to take place at the federal penitentiary in Terre Haute, Indiana, today.

  • Debbie White


    Kim Kardashian says Brandon Bernard should not be executed because:

    1. He was 18 at the time.

    2. He was not the shooter.

    3. The prosecutor and 5 of the jurors now support clemency.

    4. He’s spent decades in prison w/out a write up, helping at risk youth.

    5. There’s bipartisan support for his commutation.

  • Debbie White


    Federal prisoner Brandon Bernard will be executed despite campaigns by Kim Kardashian West and others supporting him, after a judge denied a request to lift his death sentence conviction.

    Bernard, 40, is set to be executed today and would be the ninth federal prisoner to be put to death after Donald Trump's administration resumed executions following a 17-year hiatus.

    Bernard’s lawyers argued that prosecutors withheld a witness who conveyed their client’s low rank in the gang that robbed and murdered Todd and Stacie Bagley in 1999.

    But in an order written on Tuesday, Judge James Sweeney of the US District Court of the Southern District of Indiana said that the expert witness’s account was not compelling enough to overcome the jury’s death sentence decision.

  • Debbie White


    Kim Kardashian West has pleaded with Donald Trump to halt the execution of a man convicted over the murder of two youth ministers when he was just a teen.

    Brandon Bernard is due to be put to death today, and would be the ninth prisoner to be executed since the current administration resumed capital punishment following a 17-year break.

    Now reality star Kim is calling on the president to commute the 40-year-old's death sentence to allow him to spend the rest of his day behind bars instead insisting his role in the shocking crime was “minor.”

    And she has vowed to campaign non-stop during the 24 hours ahead of Bernard's scheduled date with death at the US Penitentiary in Terre Haute, Indiana.

    However, going by his Twitter feed, Mr Trump is still preoccupied with overturning the election results.

  • Debbie White


    Kanye West may have to testify over allegations he “stole” technology and ditched a business deal worth millions “in a huff” because that’s “West being West.”

    The rapper was slammed with a $20million lawsuit in August by an IT company claiming his Yeezy brand “stole” vital technology.

    In a complaint brought in California federal court, Pennsylvania-based MyChannel Inc claims to have spent six months, $7million of its own funds, and over 10,000 employee hours working on integrating their video software into the rapper’s e-commerce business, such as his Sunday Service Shows, to make them more profitable.

    MyChannel claims the two parties signed non-disclosure agreements, yet a business contract was never signed, and now MyChannel are suing the rapper and Yeezy Apparel LLC.

    Court papers seen by The Sun allege: “Defendant West, being, well, Defendant West, turned around and ended the business relationship in a huff, retained the benefits of all of Plaintiffs’ hard work for himself, and stole its MyChannel Video Platform technology to use in his e-commerce business without compensation.”

    But, the 43-year-old's legal team have hit back at the allegations, claiming they are “over-zealous” and that they specifically went on a manhunt for the mega-star’s attention.

  • Debbie White


    Kylie Jenner is flaunting plenty of Christmas cheer by lighting up her entire luxury Los Angeles mansion.

    Kylie, 23, decorated the outside by lighting up the house, surrounding trees and lawn with gold lights.

    Her backyard also got a dose of Christmas bling as Kylie lined the palm tree near her pool with the same string lights.

    Inside her glitzy property Christmas trees include one that is decorated with classic white string lights while another large tree has white and gold circular ornaments and fake snow.

  • Debbie White


    Kim Kardashian's eldest daughter North has been pictured proudly wearing a 'Kim is my Lawyer' T-shirt in a sweet family pic alongside her sister Chicago and brothers Psalm and Saint.

    North, seven, was quizzed by CR Fashion Book in October about her thoughts on world peace.

    She replied: “I would make everybody love each other and make coronavirus go away and make everyone have more dogs.”

  • Debbie White


    TV star Kim Kardashian has poured her heart out on social media, pleaded for a stay of execution for convicted killer Brandon Bernard in the US.

    She tweeted overnight: “Brandon Bernard, a 40-year-old father is going to be executed tomorrow by our federal government.

    “Having gotten to know Brandon, I am heartbroken about this execution. I’m calling on Donald Trump to grant Brandon a commutation and allow him to live out his sentence in prison.”

  • Tariq Tahir


    George Clooney has joked he's ready to replace the Kardashian's reality show with Keeping Up With The Clooneys.

    In a talk with E! on Tuesday, George made a surprising suggestion, starting: “So, I've got a new idea.”

    “It's E!, so I think this will fit perfectly. Just pitching it right now: Keeping Up With the Clooneys.”

    The Oscar-winning performer, age 59, has been married to his wife Amal Clooney since September of 2014, and the pair share 3-year-old twins Alexander and Ella.

    Read more here.

  • Tariq Tahir


    Kim Kardashian’s appeal has won unlikely support in the shape of Brett Tolman.

    The former US Attorney and Fox News contributor describes himself as a conservative.

    But he tweeted: “Regardless of where you stand on the Death Penalty, let me tell you why

    @KimKardashian is right on this case and [email protected] should commute Bernard’s sentence to life in prison.”

  • Tariq Tahir


    After a judge refused a request to lift Brandon Bernard's death sentence conviction, Kim Kardashian has appealed to the president.

    Bernard, 40, is set to be executed on Thursday and would be the ninth federal prisoner to be put to death after the Trump administration resumed executions following a 17-year hiatus.

    In a direct appeal to Trump, Kardashian tweeted: “Brandon Bernard, a 40-year-old father is going to be executed tomorrow by our federal government.

    “Having gotten to know Brandon, I am heartbroken about this execution.

    “I’m calling on @realDonaldTrump to grant Brandon a commutation and allow him to live out his sentence in prison.”

  • Tariq Tahir


    A court filing has revealed that at least eight executioners tested positive for coronavirus after the last federal execution, that of Orlando Hall.

    The information came in a declaration filed this week in response to a lawsuit from two prisoners housed at the Federal Correctional Complex in Terre Haute, Indiana, Newsweek reports.

    Although neither are on death row, they are suing Attorney General Bill Barr in a bid to halt the five federal executions scheduled to take place before President Donald Trump leaves office in January.

    They argue the executions including that of Brandon Bernard risk becoming coronavirus “super-spreader” events.

  • Tariq Tahir


    The new Los Angeles District Attorney wants to meet Kim Kardashian face-to-face about prison reform.

    George Gascon’s spokesperson told TMZ the prosecutor is interested in meeting with Kim after she contacted him on social media.

    “Los Angeles County is the largest jail system in the country, and its home to the largest jurisdiction in the state.

    “These changes out of the DA’s office are the change we’ve been waiting for, and I hope they have a ripple effect across the country.”

    “More people will see the justice they deserve soon. @GeorgeGascon.”

  • Tariq Tahir


    If the efforts of Kim Kardashian are in vain and Brandon Bernard is executed, it will be the latest carried out by the government since Donald Trump ended at a 17 year federal death penalty hiatus.

    Also scheduled to die this week is 56-year-old Alfred Bourgeois while Lisa Montgomery had her December 8 execution stayed until December 31 after both her attorneys contracted Covid.

    Trump Administration resumed federal executions in July, and has since executed eight individuals, including Orlando Cordia Hall – the first executed under a lame duck president in over 100 years.

    If all the planned executions go ahead then it will be the most federal executions in a single year since 1896.

  • Debbie White


    Susanna Reid was celebrating after she and Laura Tobin were told they have the best bums in the world.

    The Good Morning Britain host, 49, looked delighted as Piers Morgan read out a Sun Online story about the “Golden Ratio” – and how they both have peachier bottoms than Kim Kardashian.

    Susanna looked delighted at the news – and even did a celebration – while Laura Tobin appeared a bit embarrassed.

    Piers said on Tuesday morning's show: “Amanda Holden and Susanna Reid have the world's best bums and beat Kim Kardashian's peachy posterior, according to the golden ratio. They have been found to have the perfect golden ratio for posteriors.

    “Dr Riccardo Frati […] he's been analysing the bottoms of leading celebrities. Michelle Keegan and Laura Tobin also scored highly on the theory. It's a system developed by the ancient Greeks to measure physical perfection.”

  • Debbie White


    Kylie Jenner heated up a snowbank rocking a skintight leopard-print ski outfit.

    She rocked a head-to-toe leopard-print ski jumpsuit out in the snow while spending time with her family at a Lake Tahoe mansion.

    Her look came complete with matching leopard gloves and bomber coat.

  • Debbie White


    Caged Tiger King star Joe Exotic has penned a desperate letter to Kim Kardashian professing his innocence and begging Donald Trump to pardon him.

    Exotic, who is serving 22 years in prison after being convicted of hiring a hitman to kill nemesis Carole Baskin, is hoping that Mr Trump will grant him a pardon before he leaves office in January.

    “I know you have never met me and may never want to.

    “However, I do believe that you hold the values of our justice system dear to your heart,” he wrote.

    The Netflix star begged Kardashian in his letter to “take 10 minutes” out of her busy schedule to personally call Mr Trump and have him read and sign his 252-page pardon.

    Distressed Exotic went on to say: “I've lost 57 years of work, my zoo, animals, my mother has died, my dad is dying, and I've been taken away from my husband who I love dearly.”

  • Debbie White


    Kim Kardashian has failed in her petition to stop tomorrow's execution of a Texas man convicted of murdering two youth ministers in 1999 when he was 18.

    The star had pleaded for Brandon Bernard's life, saying he played only a minor role in the slayings and didn't receive a fair trial.

    Bernard's attorneys asked a judge to postpone his execution, claiming that prosecutors suppressed critical evidence during his trial two decades ago.

    The defence said Bernard was not with his accomplices when they kidnapped Todd and Stacie Bagley in 1999, and that he was unaware that they planned to commit murder.

    Bernard is set to die by lethal injection at an Indiana prison on December 10.

  • Debbie White


    Kim Kardashian and younger sister Kylie Jenner have both been snubbed from Forbes' Most Powerful Women list.

    This is despite Kim's massive public profile, and blooming beauty, fragrance and shapewear empire, writes the Mirror.

    Meanwhile, Kylie sold 51 per cent of Kylie Cosmetics to beauty giant Coty in a pre-coronavirus deal valued at $1.2billion in January, the paper points out.

    Oprah Winfrey is the highest ranking entertainment figure on Forbes' list for 2020, in 20th position.

  • Debbie White


    Kim Kardashian tweeted yesterday: “Proverbs 24:11 rescue those who are unjustly sentenced to death; don’t stand back and let them die.”

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