Kissing Booth Facts, Trivia About Netflix Movie Starring Joey King


Netflix’s new teenage rom-com, The Kissing Booth, has gotten quite a bit of attention since it was released on May 11. It’s really not a huge surprise, though, how obsessed fans have become considering the shows two stars: Joey King and Jacob Elordi. The two young actors — who are actually dating in real life! — are pretty adorable and fabulous.

But beyond the movie’s great cast, there’s a whole lot going on in The Kissing Booth both on and off screen. Since the film is based on a book, there’s already a huge following to it and a lot of hidden secrets that you definitely wouldn’t know from just watching the Netflix production. Like, for example, did you know the story is based on a book?? If you’re one of the large group of teens obsessed with The Kissing Booth, then here’s some trivia about the film that will leave you both #shooketh and wanting to re-watch it 10 more times.

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