Kristina Rihanoff wants return to struggling Strictly Come Dancing & be in first same-sex couple with Nicole Scherzinger – The Sun

STRICTLY is in a state of emergency following the departure of two big-name stars – but there’s a Russian siren offering to come to the rescue.

Kristina Rihanoff says she would happily fill the void left by Kevin Clifton and AJ Pritchard, five years after she left the series to start a family.

And to make her comeback truly epic she would want to feature in the BBC1 show’s first same-sex partnership.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Kristina, 42, said: “I would come back for that. To be involved in that would be very special. It’s way overdue. The pros have been saying this for a long time.

“I teach men, women and gay couples all the time for things like weddings. I don’t see anything different in it, it would be great. And I would never say no to Strictly. I left on great terms.”

She already knows her dream female celebrity partner too, adding: “It would be Nicole Scherzinger. She’s an incredible dancer and musician, so she’d be amazing feeling the music. She’s very good-looking too.”

Kristina last competed on Strictly in 2015, when she was third to be eliminated with her partner, Irish singer Daniel O’Donnell.

It capped a memorable eight years on the show, the highlight being meeting her partner Ben Cohen after they were paired up in 2013. She and the Rugby World Cup winner had a daughter, Mila, in June 2016.

Kristina is isolating at their home in Northampton with Mila and Ben’s two daughters from his previous marriage, having just finished her Dance To The Music tour.

Learning of Kevin and AJ’s intentions of going solo post-Strictly, she warned the pair not to expect the same interest they received while on the dance show.

Kristina said: “People are delusional if they think they’re going to leave the show and maintain that level of exposure. It won’t be there. Strictly gave all of us fantastic platforms to carry on and show what we can do. But life after Strictly is very different.”

She believes Kevin’s decision to leave after seven series was less of a gamble compared with AJ, who competed in four.

Kristina said: “Kevin has been there a long time. He won the show, was always successful and I think he has a very strong fanbase. He has other avenues to explore because he sings and acts. I get that decision.

“With AJ, I was surprised to see him go. Unless he has another big contract in his pocket you have to ask why. It sounds a bit of a risk.”

Ballroom specialist Kristina feels that many former pros wrongly quit Strictly due to a false sense of their own popularity.

She said: “You are aware that so many people are watching you and voting for you and it gives you a huge boost to your self-esteem. Some pros think it will always be there. But it’s not like that.

“I’m proud I did a two-month tour, 43 shows, four years after leaving, which lots of people watched, which is incredible and I’m so grateful.

“But I’m aware that it’s not going to be there for ever and this will probably be the last tour I’ll do because there’s so many people out there now doing the same.

“You always have to be realistic about what else is happening because you might have a good fanbase, but there are 14 new dancers who’ll be going on tour as well and people might want to see them as they’ve already seen me.”

In another warning to senior pros, Kristina believes the new younger generation of dancers queueing up to join Strictly are “fame hungry” and using the show in the hope of making big money.

She said: “My generation is very different to the new generation going through on the show. Everybody who I danced with, like Pasha (Kovalev), Ola (Jordan) and Brendan (Cole), we grew up without any of these shows being on TV.

“So our goal was just being the best we could be, learn our skill, do great in the competition, winning finals, and out of that would come work from teaching and shows. Now a lot of dancers go on it for the fame and the money.”

Since leaving Strictly Kristina has maintained her profile by appearing in Celebrity Big Brother in 2016, where she revealed her pregnancy, hosting teaching segments on Strictly spin-off It Takes Two, as well as her choreography and performing in her solo tour.

She has also up set up her own dance, yoga and well-being business called Soo Yoga. Her love for yoga began when she lived in the US 25 years ago.

Kristina says: “All dancers love yoga because it increases your flexibility so much.

“It’s a moving meditation, so you have an hour to yourself, for yourself, and that helps with so much on every level, physically, mentally and emotionally. I learned a lot from yoga and always knew I would go back to it.”

She has also undergone a dramatic image overhaul, ditching her trademark Marilyn Monroe-style bleached blonde locks and also going vegan.

Kristina said: “I grew my natural hair, I didn’t want to be bleach blonde any more.

“It worked for Strictly. When you’re on stage it’s good to have an exaggerated look but it also damaged my hair so much. When I got pregnant I stopped doing it. The curls and the big lashes have also gone.”

And she said of quitting meat three years ago: “It makes your body feel really good. I’ve always loved vegetables and fruit, they’re a big part of a Russian diet.

“I’ll never be the weight I was in Strictly. I’m five or six kilos heavier now because of the eight to nine hours of dancing I used to do a day. I was shredding everything off my bones.

“But I’m in good shape, bigger than I used to be, but there’s nothing wrong with that.

“Who cares if I’m not a size eight or ten now? I’ve got more important things to worry about now I’m a mum.”

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