Lady Gaga asked EastEnders star June Brown to go clubbing but she was too busy

EastEnders star June Brown had to turn down a party invite from Lady Gaga because she was too busy.

June, who plays Dot Cotton on the soap, made friends with Gaga when they met on The Graham Norton Show in 2013.

Their new found friendship lasted after the show ended with the Bad Romance singer inviting June, 92, to a party she was having in London.

But the actress had to say no because she needed to be up early the next day.

‘[Lady Gaga] is lovely. She’s a very intelligent girl. She was very respectful it was like she knew me.

‘We sort of took over. I did ask Graham Norton if I should go and sit on his lap. I don’t know if he was very happy about that.

‘She invited me to a private thing, unfortunately I was doing Piers Morgan the next day.

‘I’m not showing off, I’m telling the truth and I had to be in early and you’re in all day long. I can’t go clubbing if I’ve got to be alert the next day.’

Maybe the pair could get together the next time Gaga’s in London.

Revealing that her eyesight is failing, June spoke about how she managed to learn her lines for EastEnders.

Speaking on Tuesday’s Loose Women, she said: ‘I’m usually given my own part.

‘I used to have a visual memory. I only had to read it once and I knew it. But I have to learn everything with my eyes and it’s not so easy.’

Loose Women airs weekdays from 12.30pm on ITV.

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