Lady Gaga's 'dognappers' arrested for attempted murder and robbery after dogwalker shot & injured

LADY Gaga’s alleged dognappers were arrested on Thursday on attempted murder and robber.

During the dognapping, which occurred in February, the singer’s dogwalker was shot and injured.

According to TMZ, multiple people were arrested in connection to the dognapping of Lady Gaga’s two French Bulldogs.

The pop star had offered a $500,000 reward for the return of her dogs but was told by the police to not pay it yet to the woman who “found” her pups.

They were suspicious of the woman and wanted to look into her, and she has since been arrested, as well.

Lady Gaga's dogwalker Ryan Fischer was shot while walking her pups Koji, Miss Asia and Gustavo at 9.40pm on February 24.

Two men made off with Koji and Gustavo, while Miss Asia managed to escape, and the dogs were later returned by an unidentified woman.

Shocking footage showed the moment Ryan screamed for help as two men dove out of a white sedan and attacked him as they desperately tried to bundle the dogs into the vehicle.

A gunshot was heard, and moments later the dogwalker could be heard screaming as he begged for help: "I've been shot, I'm bleeding out of my heart, of my lung, I'm bleeding out of my chest."

Ryan was in and out of the hospital after his stay was extended because one of his lungs kept collapsing, and he eventually had to have a part of it removed.

Lady Gaga's terrified dog walker has since moved out of his home amid safety fears after the attackers, at the time, remained at large, The Sun exclusively revealed.

An insider told The Sun the animal lover, 39, has not returned to his apartment since leaving the hospital and has no plans to live there ever again.

They said: "He hasn't been living at his home since leaving the hospital, he has been with family who are helping to look after him during his recovery.

"Everyone in the community was shook by what happened and we've been told he has no intention of returning.

"He wants to be somewhere safe and secure, especially when the shooter is still at large and police are investigating.

"Everyone just hopes he can move on from this and be able to do his job and live his life as normal as possible."

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