Late Night’s Trevor Noah And Seth Meyers Find The Humor In A Stressful Countdown

Donald Trump is not a quitter, if you don’t count his casinos and marriages. So says The Daily Social Distancing Show’s Trevor Noah in his monologue tonight, as we enter Day 3 of a stressful stretch of politics.

“What a difference between 2016 and 2020,” Noah noted. “When Hilary lost, she disappeared. Trump is dragging people one by one onto the witness stand.”

Noah also asked, what case are they bringing to the court? He cited Trump adviser Rudy Giuliani’s belief that Joe Biden might have voted for himself 5000 times, since no observers were allowed in to the Philadelphia counting room. “C’mon, dude,” said Noah. “Joe Biden isn’t voting 5000 times. Have you seen how long the lines have been? Not even Joe Biden wants Joe Biden to be President enough to wait that long.”


Meanwhile, Late Night’s Seth Meyers likens today’s comments from Donald Trump to Bill & Ted arguing who gets to ride shotgun on the trip to White Castle.

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