'Law & Order: SVU': Mariska Hargitay Posts an Image in Honor of 'Powerful' Episode’s Director

If you’ve seen the latest episode of Law & Order: SVU, then you know what we mean when we say it was shocking and extremely sad. The record-breaking season is taking things to places others are afraid to go. Read on to learn how Mariska Hargitay honored episode 12’s director for creating a “powerful” episode. There are spoilers ahead for season 21, episode 12 of SVU.

Episode 12 holds a deeper meaning

The episode this week was especially sad and hard for some viewers to deal with. It was all about bringing awareness to the topic of suicide, specifically surrounding law enforcement and sexual assault survivors. Olivia Benson (Hargitay) suffered a major loss that hit a little too close to home.

Benson’s old boyfriend, Ed Tucker (John Burke), plays animportant role in the episode. Things start out at Tucker’sretirement party. Tucker has gotten married and seems to be eager to starthis new life away from internal affairs.

All of a sudden, a former officer comes in named RachelWilson (Holly Robinson Pete). She accuses Tucker of ignoring her report ofrape. Next, Wilson goes out to her care and commits suicide. That isn’t theonly suicide though. Kat Azar’s (Jamie Gray Hyder) old sergeant takes his lifeafter they go to speak with him about the case.

Ed Tucker takes his own life

Tucker comes clean to Benson that he’s dying of brain cancerand doesn’t have a lot of time left. The episode ends in more tragedy whenTucker takes his own life as well. Benson is visibly shaken and having a hardtime dealing with the loss of someone she was once so close to.

The SVU detectives eventually get Gary Wald (MichaelGaston) for his assault on Wilson, but not before the losses stacked up in theworst way. It was more than a powerful episode.

Mariska Hargitay shares an image with the director of the episode

“The Longest Night of Rain” definitely left viewers at home with a lot of feelings. Hargitay took the time to post an image with herself and the director of the episode, Michael Smith. “Congratulations to #Director Mike Smith for his powerful #SVU21 episode last night. Well done. #TheLongestNightOfRain #UntilTheNextOne,” Hargitay captioned the image.

Numerous fans took the time to comment and express how they felt about the emotional episode. Many people admitted to crying from watching the episode.

“This episode was amazing I cried so hard. Love you both ♥️,” an Instagram user commented.

Some people haven’t even recovered yet. “I have not recovered from last night’s episode… for reals 😢,” another user wrote.

“I cried so much🤦‍♀️ Ilove your work❤️,” someone said.

One user described the episode as “perfect.” “Very powerfuland emotional. But great, perfect work. Well done. 👍❤,”another expressed.

Someone else wanted to know why such awful things keephappening to Benson. “Liv can never catch an emotional break😫,”another Instagram user commented.

“This episode shattered my heart into a billion tiny pieces.💔The writing, the acting, and the directing were exceptional,” another user wrote.

SVU keeps bringing the emotion this season in moreways than one.

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