Liam Gallagher 'hires private jet to fly 24 family and pals to France for luxury holiday'

LIAM Gallagher has whisked 24 of his nearest and dearest away on a private jet to France for a luxury holiday.

The singer, 47, has been mad for a getaway from the moment lockdown restrictions lifted and he's now got his wish.

The Oasis rocker jetted over the Channel with his kids Lennon, 20, Gene, 19, and Molly, 22, who brought along boyfriend Louis.

Liam's fiancée Debbie Gwyther, 37, helped arrange the trip to a mansion in the Dordogne, and the pair were pictured sitting side by side onboard the jet.

Both Liam’s older brother Paul and Debbie’s twin sister Katie joined the party – but Noel Gallagher missed out.

A source told the Mirror: “As soon as lockdown was lifted, Liam planned a holiday for family and mates.

"He’s got a teepee in his garden in London but there’s only so much fun you can have in a tent.

“So he decided to go all out with a French adventure.”

The Sun has contacted a rep for Liam for comment.

In June Liam and Noel's bitter feud rumbled on after Liam told his brother to 'f*** off' and blasted him for being "up his own a***".

The feuding pair suffered another public fallout when Liam took a swipe at Noel for describing himself as a "composer".

Noel – whose management runs his social media account – shared throwback clips of the 53-year-old on The British Masters in 2015.

It included a quote from Noel, which read: "If you’re a songwriter or a composer you’re kind of in it for life.

"I enjoy the writing although it can be very frustrating… if it sounds good to me I put it out there."

In response, Liam said: "Composer f*** off."

When a fan asked what was wrong with describing himself as a composer, Liam replied: "Bit up it’s own a***."

Liam last took a pop at his "jealous" brother Noel in April, which shattered Oasis fans' hopes of a reunion.

Noel released a previously-lost demo track titled Don't Stop, thought to date from around 2005 convincing fans that a reunion could be around the corner after the band split in 2009.

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