Life Stories viewers delighted as Chris Eubank 'shuts down' Piers Morgan's questions

VIEWERS of Piers Morgan’s Life Stories were delighted to see the host “shut down” by guest Chris Eubank. 

The WBO middleweight and super-middleweight champion appeared on the show to discuss a range of topics including shoplifting, bankruptcy, and rumours he had been unfaithful to his first wife.

While Piers did not hold back on asking the hard hitting questions, Chris pulled no punches on how he wanted to answer them.

At one point the former boxer said that without discipline, "these youngsters would become menaces to themselves, never mind what society". 

As Piers tried to move onto the next question, Chris asked bluntly: “Can I ask you, did you just purposefully cut me off?”

The awkward moment came after Piers touched upon Chris’s childhood and claimed that his father was "violent".

However, the 54-year-old wasn’t happy with the word "violent" being used and challenged the presenter saying that his father "taking his belt off" might be considered violence today but he saw it as “steering".

Another point in the interview saw Chris refuse to tell the Good Morning Britain presenter what car he currently drives.

"A car," Chris informed him, before accusing him of "reverting to your early days in journalism".

Attempting to control the situation, Piers told Chris: “I’m not trying to be a tabloid.

“No, I am asking you for factual information and it seems to me what you are doing is, for some reason, you are slightly embarrassed about showing or talking about the excess that was going on.”

Chris then explained: "I am not embarrassed, I am a gentleman. I never want to entertain in such a way where I am paying a price for it.”

As Piers tried once again to cut in with another question, Chris snapped: “No sorry let me finish."

Things got really awkward when Piers asked Chris about the rumours he had been unfaithful to his first wife, Karron Eubank.

Amid their split and after 15 years of marriage and three children, Chris faced many affair allegations. 

Piers asked if they had an impact on the couple's divorce: “I mean, various women went to the papers, the stories of affairs with you. Were they true?”

Chris replied: "I always came home to my wife."

Pushing him further, he added: "So they were true, but you went home?"

Chris responded in a clipped manner, saying: “I'm not going to talk of my past regrets.”

When Piers asked again if the alleged affairs had any impact on his split with Karron, Chris replied: “You'd have to ask her.”

Many viewers were delighted to see Piers be challenged. 

One person tweeted: "Chris Eubank is displaying how you can dictate an interview with Piers Morgan. He doesn't give much away very calculated.”

“I hate Moron with a passion but can actually stomach him on this as he is not as shouty. Chris Eubank has shut him down on numerous occasions as well so it’s worth a watch!,” added another.

A third person wrote: "Chris Eubank with piers Morgan so many awkward moments."

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