Line Of Duty clashes off-set as Vicky McClure says stars ‘p*** each other off’

Line of Duty star Vicky McClure certainly dished the dirt when it comes to behind-the-scenes clashes.

Speaking honestly, the 37-year-old, who is better known as Detective Inspector Kate Fleming on the BBC drama, lifted the lid on the bickering backstage.

She candidly explained that there had been days when they'd each in turn "p****ed each other off" with instances tending to blow up after a night of no sleep.

According to TikTok videos on set, it would appear that Vicky and her co-stars Martin Compston, Adrian Dunbar and writer Jed Mercurio got on like a house on fire.

While Vicky opened up about antics behind closed doors, she did also liken her tribe to "family," suggesting that she and her co-stars do fall out from time to time but soon makeup again.

She revealed to The Mirror: "You can have a laugh and if anything it's Adie who gets the brunt of it having to put up with me and Martin acting like a pair of school kids around him.

"There's a perfect dynamic."

Vicky went on: "The reality of it is, of course, we have, of course, we have p***** each other off. It would be wrong of me to say 'that has never happened' as that would be a lie."

The actress explained if words had ever been exchanged there was never any major damage done.

She added: "But in the same way it is with family, it's never something so bad it's not repairable. I might not have had any sleep that night."

The TV star relayed that squabbles often started when the team had been particularly "knackered".

Vicky stressed that long working hours and having to remember "loads of lines" often contributed to arguments.

With the launch of series six, Line of Duty became an instant hit with over 10 million viewers tuning in overnight.

The thrilling programme even broke its own record and became the most-watched drama on TV.

Line of Duty airs on Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.

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