Line of Duty fans convinced they've solved shoot-out twist as dead body spotted in background of scene

LINE of Duty fans are convinced that someone was killed in Sunday's epic shoot-out.

The latest episode of the BBC crime drama ended on a dramatic cliffhanger involving dodgy Ryan Pilkington and Kate Fleming, who both had their guns drawn before two shots were fired in a tense epic showdown.

Two gunshots were heard as the programme went off the air, but we will have until Sunday to find out what happened next.

Or so we thought, as some eagle-eyed fans believe they have spotted a body left on the floor in the next episode’s trailer.

One viewer tweeted a picture of the screenshot from a trailer for Sunday's episode and said: "Looks like a Ryan Pilkington lying dead in the lorry park from the trailer.

"Did Jo have a gun and stop him? Did Kate shoot first? Is Kate alive? Did AC-12 arrive in time? So many questions from that unbelievable cliffhanger."

Another viewer said the same thing and wrote: "Ryan is actually shot dead (look at the body laying on the floor between the black van and the police car)."

A third fan was of the same opinion as they shared: "Yes I’m that person who goes back and analyses the original trailer after each episode and isn’t this the location from the the last scene in tonight? There is a body on the floor. Ryan?"

Following a raid on a workshop used by criminals, Kate (Vicky McClure) was lured to wasteland by Jo Davidson (Kelly MacDonald), where she was confronted by baby-faced assassin Pilkington (Gregory Piper).

Earlier in the episode, AC-12 had snapped him using a burner phone to tip off his mob pals about the raids.

Also ahead in the next episode, a horrified Steve Arnott (Martin Compston) and Ted Hastings (Adrian Dunbar) arrive at the scene which in which two gunshots went off.

The men are joined by DC Chloe Bishop (Shalome Brune-Franklin) and DCI Patricia Carmichael (Anna Maxwell Martin) has the blue lights of their vehicles flash behind them.

One keen viewer noticed Vicky's name is missing from the cast list of the next episode.

Her name wasn't the only one absent from the list though, as Kelly Macdonald, who plays corrupt cop DSI Joanne Davidson, and Gregory Piper, who plays Ryan, are also missing.

It's extremely unlikely all three characters wouldn't feature at all in episode six, so it looks like creator Jed Mercurio is doing everything he can to keep fans guessing.

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